Health Tips for the School Year

The First Day of School.

My asthma kid’s starting sixth grade, her last year of elementary school, and her sister is a third grader this year.

With school back in session and since Colorado sits poised on the verge of fall, this time of year my focus shifts conversations with the new teacher about my asthma kid’s symptoms and inhaler use, and back-to-school physicals and immunizations for both girls, over to thoughts of cold and flu season.

What lies ahead, and what to expect:

Containing and Coping With the Inevitable Winter Stomach Flu
I’m telling you, the Bathroom Quarantine works if you have enough lead time before contagion sets in.

Keeping an Eye Out for Asthma In Kids with Food Allergies
If your child is allergic to some foods but has never been diagnosed with asthma, please be aware of this possible connection.

Maintaining Health During the September Epidemic
Remember to restart maintenance inhalers before your asthma kids head back to school if they get a summer break from the corticosteroids like AG does, in order to give the medicine time to build up to therapeutic levels. Ensure adequate rest and stress frequent handwashing for everyone.

Keeping a Sick Box
Emergency supplies for influenza, stomach bugs, or any other illness: buy ‘em, throw ‘em in a box, and keep the box handy so you don’t have to drag a sick kid to the store with you.