Tuesdays are Your Turn – Medical Advocacy in Schools

Speaking of asthma and school, as I’ve been doing here ad nauseum lately, Samantha has a question about groups that might help asthma parents resolve school issues. Samantha tells me her friend, another asthma mom, has been struggling with her child’s school over the timing and frequency of medication and nebulizer treatments and could use some support.

Do know of any organizations that help parents with medical advocacy? Do you have experience with this sort of thing yourself? Any advice?

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  1. Amy says:

    Me neither, and I’m grateful. AG’s schools have always worked with us with no problems. Thanks for digging up these links!

  2. Samantha says:

    Many thanks for the assistance Amy, and Sarah. Will be sure and let you guys know how things turn out. So far the school is working with me, course we are in our 4th day and she has been green zone the whole time so far so we haven’t REALLY tested this theory just yet.

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