Friday Links – Kids’ Health Help Tool, Breathing Miniseries, the Risk of Violence

I’ve been short on time all week, AG has managed (already!) to start leaving her stuff on the bus and catch a (minor) cold in just the second week of school, and I still haven’t nailed down plans for the long Labor Day weekend. AG has her first volleyball game of the fall season on Saturday (assuming she feels okay), we have a family dinner on Sunday, and I’m hoping to fit a day trip into the Rockies somewhere around those two events.

So today it’s all links, no commentary – at least from me. Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves, as per usual.

American Lung Association’s Caregiving Coordination Service

Steve’s New Series on Breathing and Asthma

Does Inner-City Violence Lead to More Emergency Asthma Visits?

Possible Link Between Early Menstruation and Asthma

What are you guys doing for Labor Day? Leaving everything ’til the last minute like me?

8 responses to “Friday Links – Kids’ Health Help Tool, Breathing Miniseries, the Risk of Violence”

  1. Kelley says:

    Thank you for the links…Steve’s info is great & good timing for me… I guess I now have NO doubt why my AG has asthma.. I caught her bronchitis and have been wheezing and coughing for about 4 weeks now… I have been too afraid to take the prednisone my doctor gave me because my family (even my AG when she was 5) tend to have CRAZY reactions to it (as in crying, yelling, etc.). I guess I need to brave it and at least take half doses. Ugh. I’m not used to dealing with this with myself (’cause it’s never been this bad). I know how to take care of my AG, I’m just so clueless as so how to take care of myself.
    The menstruation study…could also just be genetic…whatever genes tend to cause asthma also cause earlier menses… all the girls in my family have started at 12.

  2. Samantha says:

    Is anyone else able to open the first link? the ALA caregiving coordination one? I keep getting not found but it could just be me lol.

    Also my own little miss monkey, seems to have already gotten her first “back to school” cold/flare… been yellow zone-ing for a few days now. Doesnt help that she wont ask for her inhaler in gym even tho she coughs/cant breathe when they run laps (in Kindergarten mind you, laps pushups and situps…) because, and I quote, “we arent allowed to talk when we are running”
    *sigh* the one rule she takes seriously…..

  3. Amy says:

    Samantha–It’s not you, it’s me. Fixed the link. Thanks for the heads-up!

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