Friday Links – Comprehensive Look at Vitamin D Research, Boulder Wildfire

You Might Want to Look Into Vitamin D Supplements
We’ve been hearing about vitamin D and the possible benefits of a little more sunshine in your life for some time now, but no one recommends or prescribes supplements for asthma yet. This group studied all the PubMed research on the subject from 1950 to 2009, and extra vitamin D is starting to look like a pretty good idea.

Ever Wonder How Patients Get into Clinical Trials?
Here’s how to find some in your area.

Wildfire Smoke and Asthma Flaring
These photos come from Boulder resident Andrew Hyde (

They depict the 6,000+ acre wildfire that has been burning in Fourmile Canyon here in Colorado since Labor Day and has so far destroyed 169 homes, four of which belonged to firefighters.

The link at the top of this passage is a good reminder that serious fires like this one trigger asthma.

To those who’ve asked about my family and AG’s breathing in particular, thank you so much for thinking of us. I live about an hour from this part of Colorado, and we haven’t faced any danger since the fire started. While we can see the smoke in the foothills, it’s not blowing this way and the weather, in fact, has been gorgeous here lately.

Meanwhile, thousands of people are evacuated from their homes in Boulder, and firefighters have struggled mightily in the face of high winds and almost no rain to achieve partial containment. The firefighters, the community that supports them, and the power of Twitter during this natural disaster, however, have been an amazing thing to witness.

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