Friday Links – Hands and Pain, Complementary Medicine, Ragweed

Notice How You Clutch Your Hands Together in Pain?

You probably do it without realizing, and here’s evidence of a medical reason why. Grabbing your own hand appears to cut the experience of acute pain way down by changing your brain’s body representation.

On the Alternative Therapy Question
I get asked about complementary medicine for asthma all the time, but I’m not a doctor or a scientist. While I can read about various treatments and studies all day long, the interpretation of any research results should come from a medical-type person rather than your friendly neighborhood Asthma Mom. Check out this compilation of posts instead.

In this Chicken and Egg Research, Asthma Comes Before Allergies
Also from the study: “This research highlighted that asthmatics were better off finding a medication that worked for them than trying to avoid potential allergens.”

Ragweed is Killing Everybody
Yeah, it’s not just me and the kid. St. Louis is having a terrible ragweed season, apparently. Nashville, too, among other places.

I think (read: hope) we’re past the worst of it here and this weekend, in another step closer towards sending our elder child into the Rockies for a week this December (DECEMBER), we’re headed to an open house at the Outdoor Lab camp. The aspens have started to turn gold so it should look beautiful up there, and we’ll get to see the cabins and the trails. More importantly, we can meet the Lab nurse and locate the clinic where AG will have to head for her Flovent every morning and evening. Good times.

Happy Fall! Enjoy your weekend!

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