Tuesdays are Your Turn – Food and Drink Triggers

We’ve talked about common triggers.

We’ve talked about unusual triggers.

Now let’s talk about eating triggers.

What foods or drinks can send you/your kid into an asthma flare?

I don’t mean just the “official” food allergies, either. Share your thoughts on any eating/drinking experiences that ended up as triggers.

20 responses to “Tuesdays are Your Turn – Food and Drink Triggers”

  1. Samantha says:

    We have been lucky in that aspect I suppose. My girl doesnt really seem to have hardly any food or drink trigger. Except the one… shes been on soy for a while because dairy seems to set her body off, not a true “allergy” per se. Just increased mucousy-ness and coughing so we dropped it *shrug*

  2. Danielle says:

    Sulfites! White wine and rice vinegar are the worst. I can still do the wine, just have to look carefully at the label (annoying at parties).

  3. Sarah says:

    kit kat and coffee crisp chocoate bars and storebought pizza.

    My allergist suspects it’s an allergy to a food additive.

    I can still do pizza, so long as I only eat about half of a normal slice. I have to avoid the kit kats and coffee crisps entirely, though. If I eat them, huge asthma attack.

  4. Kat says:

    Alcoholic beverages, especially when they are carbonated or mixed with a carbonated beverage. Not something that I discovered til this year (when I came of legal drinking age). I don’t get hang overs I just wake up in full body coughing.

  5. Susannah says:

    Well, number one, I’m coeliac so no gluten.
    Then these are the whacky ones:
    Sweet and sour sauce
    Red Chili Pepper
    Red food colouring (can be a nightmare with pills and medicines)

    I don’t eat apples or peaches because of Oral Allergy Syndrome,
    and Sulphites in red wine cause me more issues than in white.

    I have also had anaphylactic reactions to pork, oyster and lettuce-but we suspect all 3 were to do with packaging or additives.

    I was peanut allergic between age 24 and 30, but can now eat peanut butter!

  6. Amy says:

    Susannah, you must be terrified to eat anything/anyplace new, with that list!

    I’d been wondering how many people react to foods with sulfites–they’re notorious for giving asthmatics a hard time, but the kid doesn’t seem to have any problems (so far).

  7. Danielle says:

    Amy – just be sure that the first time she tries wine, cider, and even beer is with you! For more than the usual reasons.

    For me it seems to be worse when the sulfites are in liquids as opposed to foods.

  8. Sarah says:

    I seem to be one of the lucky asthmatics who isn’t bothered too much by sulphites in the asthma department – but if I overdo it on foods with them, it’ll trigger a migraine, so I still have to be careful! But I have to really overdo it to bring a migraine on myself, thankfully. :)

  9. wheezyheron says:

    I’ve not had any real problems with sulphites and asthma (at least, none that I’ve linked as such), but I’ve certainly noticed that some white wines can trigger migraines for me.

  10. Elisheva says:

    Wow. I guess I’m lucky! No food triggers as far as I’m aware. Other than the obvious being careful when/how I eat – and avoiding things like powdered sugar – if I’m not breathing well so I don’t end up inhaling my food or choking on it.

  11. Amy says:

    Danielle–I’m guessing that if she ends up having a problem, she’ll be the same way since dried fruits don’t trigger her.

    Sarah & Wheezyheron–I didn’t know about the sulfite/migraine connection–not that I get migraines or anything, but hey: you taught me something new today. :)

    Elisheva–Good point about the powdered sugar. I don’t think a lot of people new to asthma consider the consistency and texture of what they eat as well as the food itself. (I never did.)

  12. MC says:

    Gluten. I too have ce(o)liac, so any trace of gluten sends me flaring for a week. Not everyone I know with it finds it triggers asthma, but for me it does… worse than the GI symptoms. Dairy also is a trigger, but I’ve stayed far away from it this last year (except 2 accidents, which weren’t pleasant experiences), and the last 6 years, so I haven’t had to deal with a dairy induced flare, and don’t know how bad or not bad they are now.

  13. kerri says:

    If I have any food triggers, I haven’t made the connection! ;-) Guess I’m lucky too. [Citrus foods make my face burn, and I’m not really sure what that’s about, and aspartame makes me feel sick and my face burn, but really, I don’t think I’m missing out all that much, so those are the two things I stay away from, but they don’t really affect my breathing I don’t think].

  14. Jeanette says:

    New here…I have a almost 3 year old son with asthma….. he was finally diagnosed at the hospital ER when he was about 11 months old.. been struggling with a persistant croup sounding cough since he was tiny…. cold/flu, cats/dog, are his biggest triggers we know of just from experience! if he is around a dog/cat, in a couple hours he starts a coughing fit.. colds/flu, he gets pretty near 100% of all contageous illness’ he is in contact with and people just dont get it and stay away, so frustrating, to them a cold is just a cold not biggy, but to my son it last for weeks, ends him in the er sometimes, maxing out doses of his inhalers, etc….. we finally are seeing a naturopath as our family doc has been of no help.. and after him being sick from jan-july of this year with one thing to another.. and cold/flu season being here and already been in contact with 2 colds and got 2, last 4 weeks.. I am just not willing to repeat that again for his sake, so hard on him physically, emotionally, etc… the naturopath put him on an immune boosting combo, to help restore his restore all the good the overload of antibiotics he was on destroyed, strengthen his immune system, give his little system some defense to illnesses and even being around pets etc…. so far so good, hasn’t been sick since or needed his rescue inhalers at all…. but also find I have kept him away from everyone now as I am just done with peoples ignorance….. anyway, about the food allergies…. I never ever would have thought he could have food allergies as he does have any immediate reaction to any lol… but the naturopath thinks he could have, enough that it is just making his system weak, and that may be the reason his immune system seems so week, thus making his asthma so much more unmanageable, etc… worth a look at anyway.. we opted to go the route of the elimation diet… 3 weeks, taking out, dairy, corn, wheat, food additives, refined sugar, eggs, citrus.. from our diet.. then adding them back one by one to see how he reacts and to what if anything….. we are almost to the testing part of adding back the first item, its been a rough road, but believe it or not, not in regards to the drastic change of diet, but the behavoirs that have come out, due to withdrawls and/or his body detoxing from maybe something that has been bothering him for a long time.. so sort of excited to get to the test part and see what results come from it…..
    hoping to find some answers through this and look forward to reading more from this great site, love it, so helpful, seems so supportive (which I dont find I have much of, feel so alone in our struggles with asthma, helping our son effectively, and being strong all the time for him as he goes from one illness to another, etc)))
    anyway, sorry dont my rant, lol wrote my novel… interested if anyone else has done such a diet??? or did u just go with the skin test or blood test to figure out food allergies or did u just have more obvious reactions? … does it make sense that my son could have food allergies that he doesnt neccessary react to obviously but just enough that its got his system down that extra little bit? my hubby’s question is then why isnt it year round as my son has no health issues in the summer months… tried to tell him cause he also doesnt have those extra factors that make his pot boil over so to speak, such as colds/flu

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