Friday Links – Sports Coaches, Lung Cancer, Incredible Cakes

Coaches Have No Idea About Kids’ Asthma
So this is scary.

If your kids play team sports, you might want to have a little talk with their coaches post-haste, since chances are decent that even if they know about the breathing problem thing (and they probably don’t), they still don’t know how to recognize or help treat attacks.

I know I consider myself warned. Mr. Asthma Mom serves as AG’s assistant volleyball coach, but still. Her head coach has no idea.
(Thanks, Danielle!)

Likelihood of a Fatal Asthma Attack
This is also scary, but helpful!

What raises your risk of a deadly flare? Find out here.

Asthma Ups Lung Cancer Risk?
This one just sucks.

New research uncovered a strong connection between asthma and lung cancer, although that link is a little unclear.


After such a downer of a links collection today, I have to end on a more positive note:

Here, Go Look at Some Amazing Cakes on Flickr

Behold the snake cake:

(Via sleepyjeanie)

And I love this hot tub toga massacre.

And these giraffes.

Plus the bowl of ramen.

Go check out that header link for a whole pool of similar photos: so many awesome cakes to see.

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  1. Elisheva says:

    We’re supposed to stop being scared by looking at the hot rub massascre? Okay doke. ;)

  2. Amy says:

    Well, it is cake. That makes everything better!

  3. Hi Amy, I enjoy your blog on asthma and I was reading your post about sports coaches who don’t know about asthma. This is such a large issue and so to help combat this problem, the Minnesota and Utah State Health Departments got together and made a training for coaches. It’s a great online video training about asthma and athletes. Here is the website.

  4. Brandon Bink says:

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