Thankful for Saline

This time of year, my kids’ activities start escalating towards critical mass and life starts to be about fitting holiday events and commitments into our normal hectic schedule of work, school, and play. This week alone, AG performs in her school musical, we have a houseguest from out-of-town, and Thanksgiving, as you already know, will be hosted by your favorite Asthma Mom this year. Oh, and did I mention the nasty, nasty (And I mean that in the phlegmy sense of the word. *shudder*) cold the Sidekick picked up and passed along to me, who passed it along to AG?

We’ve all recovered nicely and I’d be more stressed out than I am were I not sinusitis-free despite my sinus cavities’ natural proclivities to devolve into infection at the merest whisper of congestion. And that’s thanks to one of the most powerful weapons I use during cold and flu season:

The do-it-yourself neti pot solution/nasal wash/sinus irrigation.

Whatever you call it, however you use it, this stuff completes me.


Every year I tell this story: when I developed severe, chronic sinusitis and spent months on antibiotics, trying to get some relief, a physician’s assistant taught me how to mix my own nasal washes. Using them several times a day finally cleared me up and, as a preventative measure when I’m sick, helped keep the sinus infections away ever since.

I love them. I swear by them.

I am not exaggerating even a little bit.

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  1. Kelley says:

    Hah, yeah…my AG started getting sick Saturday, so I increased her daily rinse to 2-3X day…and she’s doing SO much better today. I follow her ENT surgeon’s advice to use sterilized water, though, and I do buy the pre-made single NeilMed packets, just because she is so prone to getting sinus infections.
    I NEVER would have believed they helped so much if I hadn’t seen how much it helps her (& of course, I do them now too). I just can’t seem to convince anyone else to do them, though.
    I hope you’re all better by Thanksgiving…I imagine you have a LOT of cooking to do.

  2. Sarah says:

    I’m rapidly becoming a convert to them since, hey, I can breathe through my nose more often than not since starting them, and I had a sinus headache resolve in under six hours, which is the fastest I’ve ever had it resolve. I tried to convert mom (since she has chronic sinusitis, and I’m sure it would help her), but she isn’t keen on the thought of pouring saline up her nose. *shrug*

    I’ve noticed another benefit to them: My nose isn’t as dry from my nasal steroid anymore! Maybe I’ll make it through this winter without a nosebleed? :D

  3. Sara C. says:

    I use them with A, and myself and Rob….Mariella doesn’t trend toward sinus issues, so we don’t do them with her. I also swear by them. A thinks they are bizarre, but funny.

  4. MC says:

    I’m supposed to do them. I hate them though. I’ll do them when I’m noticeably contested, and they help me breathe then, but other than that, I try to get out of doing them. But I will admit, when I’m contested, they do help.

  5. Amy says:

    Kelley–Not as much as you might think, actually. I’ve got family bringing stuff, so that helps. AG uses just the saline nose spray you can buy at the store when she’s sick, but she doesn’t have congestion problems.

    Sarah–Heh, my mom can’t bring herself to do them, either. And she’s the one who passed the sinus problems on to me, so can imagine how bad hers are.

    Sara & MC–Yeah, once you get past that whole feeling-like-you’re-drowning-in-the-ocean thing, they’re awesome. :)

  6. Sara C. says:

    because Abby is a 9 year old boy trapped in a girls body (right now) and all things gross are awesome….we fill the sink with water…because what comes out looks like jelly fish…so we try to fill the sink with jelly fish. It’s gross enough that she gets a kick out of it. She also is game with anything that makes her FEEL better…and they do…so she’s all over them.

    (now, if we could just get the prednisone to kick in-it’s been a WEEK- and the Advair to work, so she could get rid of the cough, we’d be golden.

  7. Amy says:

    I’m sorry. Hate it when kids get sick around the holidays. Hope she kicks this flare soon.

  8. Allison says:

    My 7.5 year old son lives the grossness factor too! We call it visiting Aunt Neti, as in “Asthma boy, stop sniffling so much or we’ll have to go visit Aunt Neti!”. Sometimes he’ll even suggest it himself (“I need to see Aunt Neti…”) it makes him feel so much better and helps him sleep (and snore less!).

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