Under My Christmas Tree

Look what’s underneath – or rather, right next to – my tree:

If you can’t identify everything in this picture, here’s a list of the ever-growing pile:

2 pairs of snow gloves
1 fleece hat
1 fleece scarf
1 pair of insulated hiking boots
1 pair of non-insulated hiking shoes
1 sleeping bag
1 snow jacket

Yep. AG leaves for Outdoor Lab on Monday, so this photo represents the very beginning of our multi-day packing adventure. In fact, the last couple weeks have found me so busy gathering her supplies, prodding her to find various bits of winter clothing and buying items on the packing list she doesn’t already own, that I haven’t shopped for one single Christmas present yet. Luckily for our bank account, we hike often enough that AG didn’t need much new gear.

This gathering/buying/early packing.
Plus the girls’ typical school holiday activities like Secret Santa and play practice.
Plus the looming Christmas preparations.

They’ve all successfully conspired together to accomplish what I did not think possible: keep me from worrying about My Lung-Challenged Kid! In the Rockies! For a Week! In December!

Seriously. I wake up around 4:00 every single morning no matter what time I go to bed, running through the mental list of items I have to complete before she heads into the Rockies. Though I’ll miss her terribly, I may actually feel slightly relieved when AG gets on that bus Monday morning, because at least I’ll know everything’s bought and packed and done and we can switch over to holiday mode.

The stress of prepping for Outdoor Lab and the hectic Christmas season at the same time is overriding my worry about sending this kid off into the cold, cold mountains for a week without me – who knew?

8 responses to “Under My Christmas Tree”

  1. kerri says:

    Woohooooo! I am now imagining AG with all that gear on, gallivanting through the snow with her buddies. Awesome. Like I said in that e-mail, I cannot wait to hear alllll about it! :)

  2. Danielle says:

    Pack 3 times the amount of socks you think she’ll need :) Nothing better than dry feet.

  3. Amy says:

    Kerri–They even get more than just the outdoorsy stuff, too – art classes, holiday activities, and even some kind of dance thing in the evening. How cool is that?

    Danielle–Puh-leeze. This kid is taking 3 times more of everything! The rule is, you can pack as much as your kid can carry & AG is crazy strong.

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