Tuesdays are Your Turn – Missing Your Kid

This morning, Mr. Asthma Mom said two things about our firstborn – or lack thereof – that made me laugh. The first:

This house sure is quiet without her walking around and singing everywhere.

It really, really is. AG sings all the time. All the time, to the point where her voice, belting out everything from the latest hip hop to traditional Christmas carols, sort of serves as the background music to all our lives. We don’t even notice her singing much of the time, it’s such a constant presence.

Now, the Sidekick was plenty chatty this morning at breakfast. She can’t wait for her ninth (!) birthday next week and, like most third graders, Christmas on the 25th.

We are definitely missing that added layer of AG sound, though.

When he saw me open up my laptop earlier than usual this morning, Mr. Asthma Mom said this second thing:

Are you checking on the weather up there?

I wasn’t.
Surprised? Mr. Asthma Mom was.

One way I’m attempting to salvage my peace of mind during AG’s time away? I’ve so far been trying my best not to think about anything involving cold mountains, chilly wind, wet boots, and my kid. I’m calling the clinic up there tonight to check on her health, but remember I can only talk to the nurse, not AG herself.

If I can’t hear her voice – and ask her if she’s breathing well and remind her that I packed an extra pair of snow gloves in case her main pair gets wet and to please wear her hat if the wind is blowing hard and whatever you do, child of mine, pack extra socks in your backpack for the really big hike and DID I MENTION THE EXTRA GLOVES? – then I’d really rather just not think about the temperatures or wind chill there at all.

I’d rather hang out with the Sidekick, finish a freelance project that’s due tomorrow, trust the teachers and counselors because they’ve all done this before and will make sure the kids are safe and warm, and give extra special thanks that so far, this side of the Continental Divide has stayed unusually warm and dry all season.

In other words, what I don’t know won’t worry me.

How do you cope when your kids are away from home and you can’t talk to them?

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  1. Sarah says:

    My mom copes by keeping busy, I think… That, and for the first six months I was at university for, she phoned almost every night.

    Beyond that, I have no idea. *hug*

    Just keep in mind: In a week, AG will be back, and have tonnes of awesome stories to tell! :) Think about her telling you guys stories about Outdoor Lab over Christmas dinner (and fending off the Sidekick’s pleas of, “When do I get to do Outdoor Lab? It’s not fair that she got to do it and I didn’t!” because that’s totally what my little sister was like every time I got to do something before her and came back with stories about it), if it helps.

  2. Shereen says:

    First Year of university my mom wold panic whenever I had a flare, so she called almost everyday. But this year shes more relaxed and will just give me advice if I complain about my asthma. She generally just keeps busy with work and taking care of my younger sister

  3. Sara C. says:

    I bury myself in other stuff. My kids go with my parents a couple times a year, and while TECHNICALLY I can talk to them, it’s easier on both of them, and my parents if I DON’T call them…they don’t get homesick if they don’t talk to me. I’ll call after they are in bed to check on them, and I email my parents…etc…but I don’t talk to them. (I know, that sounds terrible)

    It was a whole lot harder last summer when Abby went to camp, and the OPTION to talk to her was gone. I missed her SO much, so I did things with Mariella…kept busy…got stuff done…and hugged and kissed the crap out of her when she got home.

    I hope the week goes by fast for you. It’s not easy letting the birds leave the nest. I won’t give you the platitudes, because they aren’t going to change anything. I hope AG has a GREAT time, and that you get a full rundown on the whole thing when she gets back. (Abby isn’t good at that…I still don’t know everything that happened at camp this past summer)

  4. Amy says:

    She’s been away from me like this before, but I always, always talked to her. The not-calling part wouldn’t be so hard if it weren’t wintertime in the mountains, I think. All the other (non-asthma) parents are having a hard time, too – AND it’s supposed to start snowing tomorrow.

    On the other hand, UPDATE: Mr. Asthma Mom called the clinic to check up on her last night, and she’s feeling/breathing great!

  5. lpnmon says:

    No advice as my AG(9) has so far refused to leave my side for that long. Which will make the eventual separation that much harder on both of us, I fear. I would, I think, take the opportunity to spend more time with AB(6.5) and the Baby while she was gone, both for the thrill of boy time and to keep my mind off of the kiddo off travelling.

    Sounds like you both are doing great! Hope the rest of the week passes quickly for both of you!

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