Tuesdays are Your Turn – Time and Kids’ Control

From the ‘ole inbox:

I’m in the middle of trying to help my daughter right now. She’s 4 and just got diagnosed after seeming to be sick all the time. Right now we’re trying to get used to the fact of her diagnosis and learn everything we can about it at the same time. It’s overwhelming us. I could use some good news. How much time does it take to get asthma under control? Can I look forward to things getting easier soon like I hope? – Jessica


Well, probably.

Unless your daughter has the type of asthma that doesn’t respond well to known treatments – and that kind is rare – then just simply getting the diagnosis is half your battle. Now you can get aggressive about pinpointing her triggers, learning how to prevent them, and working with her pediatrician or asthma specialist to figure out a maintenance plan of medication. And I’m guessing you’re already way more proactive than I was in the beginning, since you took the time to email this question.

I found out about my kid’s asthma when AG was two years-old. After spending the next year and a half in denial – the opposite of “proactive,” basically – I finally got smart and serious about improving her health. Her asthma has been well-maintained and under control since she was around five, and she’s almost 12 now.

Which is not to say AG doesn’t still go through rough patches. She does, and maybe she always will. The difference is that when she battled bronchitis for over a week recently, for example, she needed antibiotics and round-the-clock bronchodilators but managed to avoid both oral steroids and a trip to the ER.

As a little kid, AG had moderate persistent asthma, but it now falls under the mild persistent classification.


All right, everyone. Your turn. Got any positive diagnosis/control stories for Jessica? Share ‘em below.