Review – Building a Better Candy Bar

For a long time, I’ve been of two minds about food and health.

One of them doesn’t want to push the lowfat, low-sugar, non-fried options on my girls all the time. Kids love candy and soda and french fries, and while I don’t keep any of those around the house very often, I don’t entirely restrict them either. Forbidden food? That way lies eating disorders or, at the very least, a love-hate relationship with mealtime.

In the other part of my brain, I like us all to eat “real” food as much as possible, even when it comes to junk food. Natural soda brands that may still flood my kids with sugar, for example, but not added colorings or cheap sweeteners.

Like Angell bars.

Ever looked at the ingredients on a conventional candy bar wrapper? You probably shouldn’t. It can make for some scary reading.

Look, candy bars are not health food and never will be, but neither do they have to contain partially hydrogenated oils and fillers. Options! Angell bars use purer ingredients like certified organic and fair trade chocolate, coconut, and oats. And because they contain pure cocoa butter, they’re trans fat-free.

Actual food, basically.

Or in the words of Angell’s slogan:

The company recently sent me their Angell Crisp, Snow Angell, and Dark Angell bars to sample.

While all three bars taste creamy and sweet without overdoing it on the sugar, Snow Angell is the best one by far, and I’m not the only one who thinks so. The company calls this one its “sleeper hit:”

White chocolate usually tastes just flavorless and fatty to me, but I love coconut cream. And that’s exactly what this candy bar tastes like. It’s rich and smooth with coconut’s distinctive flavor and slight crunch and none of the bland characteristics of plain white chocolate.

You can find Angell bars on Amazon, and from now until the end February, the company is offering Asthma Mom readers 15% off their orders when they use this discount code:


Plan on trying some for yourself? Come back here, and let me know what you think.