Friday Links – Kids and Lung Function, Voicebox Transplant, Wal-Mart Food

Severe Early Asthma = Less Lung Function Later
That’s the connection researchers in this study suggest, highlighting the need for quick diagnosis and aggressive treatment and prevention tactics during childhood.

Larynx Transplant Gives Woman Her Voice Back
How amazing is this story? Brenda Charett Jensen, the transplant patient, even speaks with her own voice, not the donor’s.

More on Tylenol and Asthma
I couldn’t agree more with the last sentence in this article.

Wal-Mart Getting Healthier
In partnership with Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity campaign, the store announced it will start reducing prices on more nutritious options and, over time, lower salt and sugar and eliminate industrial trans fats and partially hydrogenated oils in its packaged foods. For a more in-depth discussion of the big announcement, check out Corby Kummer’s piece in the Atlantic.

18 responses to “Friday Links – Kids and Lung Function, Voicebox Transplant, Wal-Mart Food”

  1. Sara C. says:

    OK…so ibuprofen is linked to asthma exacerbations (at least in adults-I’m assuming the same is true for children…studied or not), NOW, acetaminophen is linked to wheezing…Aspirin is linked to Reye Syndrome…what CAN we give our kids for pain relief? I had switched to Tylenol almost exclusively, because of the like between asthma and ibuprofen…It would really be nice to have a safe pain reliever/fever reducer.

    I appreciated the quote in the Walmart piece, “No family should have to choose between food that is healthier for them and food they can afford,” That’s often what I feel like I’m doing. I can buy whole grain pasta, cheese, flour and butter to make mac and cheese…or I can get a box of Kraft Dinner for a buck and change, that I mix with margarine that I got for 99 cents for a box of 4 sticks. I can get canned veggies for cents on the dollar or fresh veggies, that cost SO much more. I generally compromise with frozen. Very lean ground beef is double the cost of the fatty variety.

    Great links, as always.

  2. Amy says:

    Nothing! They get NOTHING for pain! Just kidding. At some point, and hopefully sooner rather than later, I’m hoping the medical community will consolidate all the current and future research into some sort of recommendation. It’s like we have just enough information to be worried, but not enough yet to do anything effective.

  3. Sara C. says:

    I’m good with them suffering…my kids often refuse pain relief anyway…thank goodness A can swallow pills, she can take one advil…she hates the kids stuff. M isn’t heavy enough for the pill yet…and she gags on kids medicine…so she often goes without, unless I FORCE her (for a high fever, or whatever)

    I agree…we have just enough info to freak us out…and not enough to make a real and true informed decision.

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