Tuesdays are Your Turn – Snow Day (Cold Day?) Entertainment

In Florida, we used to have hurricane days instead of snow days. The hurricane ones are a lot harder. On snow days, you can curl up under in an electric blanket with some hot chocolate and watch the fat flakes drift down through your windows. Power lines and such don’t ice up here the way they do in wetter parts of the country, and shoveling our light, dry-ish Colorado snow doesn’t strain my thirtysomething back the way the heavier East Coast variety would. And when the storm moves out, clearing the way for the sun to reappear in a day or two, everything sparkles. Plus: sledding!

During hurricanes, you always lose power and you have to entertain housebound children sans lights and television and pray the howling wind doesn’t knock a tree down onto your roof. If your kids are little, they’re probably scared. When the storm eventually leaves, even if you were lucky enough to avoid any damage you’re still looking at days of driving on flooded low-lying streets, some of which are partially blocked with fallen tree limbs. Every intersection turns into a four-way stop since the traffic lights don’t work. Forget finding a gas station with working pumps for at least a few days, and did I mention you’ll be living with no air conditioning in late summer, with temps in the 80′s or 90′s and humidity near 100%?

Yeah, I’ll take a snow day anytime, even though driving on icy roads generally finds me clutching the steering wheel in fear and barely stepping on the accelerator to the great annoyance of the other, more experienced winter drivers stuck behind me.

How do you spend snow days? How do your kids spend them?

Schools are closed today for the first time this year. That should tell you how mild this winter’s been for us, even as New Yorkers and New Englanders have been digging themselves out for months now. I only got about four inches of snow, but our high today will reach just -5, and wind chills can send that into the negative double-digits pretty much all day. Basically, the county declared a snow day so that kids don’t get frostbite at their bus stops.

We’ve got a busy week ahead, so I struck a deal with the girls this morning. If AG finishes most of her weekly homework and her huge math project due this Friday and if the Sidekick studies her multiplication facts and takes some practice quizzes, then they can spend all afternoon watching movies and playing the Wii.

What do you guys do on days like this?