Colbert Impersonates an Antivaxer and Interviews Paul Offit. Hilariously.

I can write about the importance of childhood vaccinations all week long, but I don’t know why I should when we’ve got Stephen Colbert to debunk the vaccine myths in his usual deadpan fashion:

“I’m entirely motivated by fear.”
“Can’t we put those people in a plastic bubble?”
“You’re playing the children dying card. How am I supposed to fight that? Let’s keep this intellectual.”

Those quotes come from The Colbert Report on Monday night, which featured Dr. Paul Offit, vocal critic of the antivax movement who wrote this book, among others.

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Paul Offit
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Antivax folks who don’t like Offit often question his motives by pointing to the rotavirus vaccine he co-invented and collected royalties from.

But they usually leave out the part where his vaccination saves the lives of thousands of infants and children every year and is based on solid, credible research rather than rumors and manipulated data, a la Andrew Wakefield.

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