Monday Links – Closing in On a Super Flu Vaccine, Allergies and Brain Tumors, Family Dinner

I’ve been stuck in party planning mode (more on that tomorrow) and AG’s middle school registration paperwork (and related curriculum decisions) for the next school year, but hey. Better late than never on these stories. Let’s start with the best one:

First Successful Tests of a Universal Flu Vaccine
More and larger trials are in the works, but results so far look good for this “super” vaccination. Not only would this shot protect people from ALL influenza strains, but it would also last for 10 years and help older people better than the current yearly shots do.

From Childhood Flaring to Daily Marathons for a Year
Have you heard about this guy, Stefaan Engels? He’s Belgian and just finished running a marathon – or the distance equivalent of one, if not an actual race – every single day for 365 days in a row. Incredible, huh? Even more impressive: doctors told him not to play sports at all as a kid because of his health.

Allergies = Lower Risk of Brain Tumors?
Here’s one major possible benefit for allergic folks.

Family Meals Could Help Asthma Kids’ Health
Kids that eat and talk around the table with their families appear to have milder asthma symptoms and better health than those who don’t, and researchers point to the opportunities for communication during these meals. Meaning it’s probably not the family dinner itself that’s so important but rather any daily, quality time together as a family and the related effort to pay attention.

Or that’s how I’m reading it, anyway, perhaps because I anticipate a time in the near future (see: middle school, above) when time and schedules don’t permit the Asthma Mom family nearly as many dinners together as it currently enjoys.

Influenza A H1N1 image: