I’m Amy, and I don’t have asthma.

My older daughter, AG, does. Her sister, the Steadfast Sidekick, doesn’t.

About This Site

Asthma Mom was, at some time or another, a health blog, a mommy blog, a travel blog, and a Colorado blog from its creation in the fall of 2007.

I wrote about raising my asthma kid and her robustly-lunged little sister.

I shared stories and photos of my family’s Rocky Mountain travels and documented our move from coastal Florida to the Denver area.

I gave tips on kids’ health, asthma maintenance and control, asthma travel, and higher altitude hiking with respiratory challenges.

I linked to interesting articles, media, and research on all these subjects and more.

You get the idea.

In February 2011 I stopped updating The Asthma Mom, partly because AG turned 12 and needed her privacy and partly because her asthma health and maintenance had finally reached the point where they no longer occupied my every conscious thought.

Even though I no longer write for this blog, I still keep it online as a document of my daughter’s path and our struggle to manage her breathing. Eventually, it will look less like a blog and more like a static webpage.

About Me
I’m a freelance writer and a professional blogger with a bachelor’s degree in English, though I’m looking for a full-time position instead.

All my life, I lived on one coast or another and mostly in Florida. In February 2009, our family headed inland to the Denver area.

At 5,280 feet, where the Great Plains end and the Rocky Mountains begin, the wind blows harder. The winter lasts longer here; the air feels drier; and the views loom larger and wider.

I feel lucky everyday that I get to live here.

About My Daughter
AG is 13 years-old and has mild-to-moderate persistent asthma. Her airways respond very well to inhaled corticosteroids and her asthma maintenance plan.

She spent the first half of her life flaring severely and frequenting the ER, partly because her asthma is fairly persistent and partly because we made a lot of stupid mistakes. AG also lives with recurring gastritis. This kid of mine faces her inconsistent breathing and stomach issues with more grace and maturity than I probably would.

Her sister’s pretty awesome, too.

Raising a child with a chronic breathing problem terrified me during the early, uncontrolled years and online health communities probably saved me from commitment in a mental health facility somewhere. The knowledge other asthma parents gave me and the advocacy I started as a result certainly saved my daughter from several more years of uncontrolled flaring.

Along the way, she and I accepted that she will probably always have to monitor her lung health, that she may always get sick more often than her sister does, and that she can climb mountains, play competitive volleyball, and go snowboarding anyway.

We’re okay with that.

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