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Friday Links – Breathing Blog News, Starfish Medicine

First off, a little Friday love for some other lung bloggers: Fun With Oximeters If you’re not reading Breathin’ Stephen’s Breathing Basics series, you should be. This post covers oxygen saturation. What is it? What makes it drop? How do doctors measure it? Find out over at Steve’s place. Well, Then Our very own Kerri […]

Friday Links – North American Asthma Care, Childhood Rates, Emotional Impacts

U.S. Asthma Care: Still Lacking 71% of these study participants had poorly controlled asthma, but 64% of them thought it was well controlled. Clearly, there’s a disconnect here somewhere. Canadian Kids Have Lowest Asthma Rates in 10+ Years Good job, my neighbors to the north. But on the other hand: Kids in Canada Feel Emotional […]

Friday Links – The Ig Nobels and Asthma, First-of-its-Kind Illinois Inhaler Law

Carrying Inhalers Easier for Illinois Students Now A new Illinois law allows students to carry their own inhalers with only their prescriptions and written parental permission on file rather than also requiring a doctor’s note, as many schools around the country do. Considering the vast number of students with asthma in the U.S. and the […]

Tuesdays are Your Turn – The Family Get-Together

Today’s question, from my email, is just in time for these pre-holiday months: How do you handle family gatherings (i.e. holidays and birthday parties) when someone in your extended family is sick? My family totally does not understand asthma, or asthmatic triggers. It seems like often during family gatherings, one of my nieces have a […]

Cop Who Ignored Dying NY Asthma Girl Identified, Suspended

This is a Public Service Announcement for everyone, police officers or not and in New York or elsewhere, who might some day confront a man, woman, or child who is flaring and struggling to breathe. Asthma kills. Let me write that again: ASTHMA KILLS. It doesn’t happen very often. Most asthmatics can do everything that […]

Tuesdays are Your Turn – Medical Advocacy in Schools

Speaking of asthma and school, as I’ve been doing here ad nauseum lately, Samantha has a question about groups that might help asthma parents resolve school issues. Samantha tells me her friend, another asthma mom, has been struggling with her child’s school over the timing and frequency of medication and nebulizer treatments and could use […]

Friday Links – The Not-a-Conference, Chickenpox, Voting

HomeHer10 is the Most Fun I’ve Had All Week If you follow me on Twitter and you’ve been wondering why I keep hashtagging the most mundane of tweets with #HomeHer10, this is why. Also, here are some “conference” highlights. Chickenpox Might – MIGHT – Reduce Risk of Asthma, Skin Allergy One study suggests this link, […]

Tuesdays are Your Turn – Confronting Public Smokers (Or Not)

Last week Kelley sent me this question: [W]e’ve been spending a lot of time outside at the beach, park, etc. Smoking is illegal here in all public parks including the beach, however, I always (at least every other time) have someone doing it anyway. Most people will go where they are supposed to when I […]

Talking About How We Talk About Asthma

Talking about talking feels a lot like writing about writing. Both remind me of college. I was an English major and I never, not once, did I aspire to a master’s degree in my subject. Another area of concentration, sure, but never English. Because that degree? Involves a whole lot of writing about other people’s […]