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The Invisibility of Asthma

One of the problems with asthma and the concept of *looking* sick, beyond your basic lack of understanding in the greater non-asthmatic world, is the way a chronic illness with little to no visual cues doesn’t generate much interest in changing third-party behavior. Recently, Danielle over at Life with These Lungs discussed how public smoking, both […]

The Rocky Mountain Altitude

Since I live and write in the Mile High City, this blog gets a fair amount of traffic from readers interested in the impact of high altitude on asthma. Here are the posts I’ve written on the subject: (Posts run least to most recent.) When I planned to visit the Denver area with my asthma […]

A is for April, Asthma, & Allergies

Last Friday morning, I woke up to this: This week? The sun shines brightly, the flowers are blooming, and the grass has turned green: This drastic change in weather is normal for the Denver area, or so I’m told. Also normal for this time of year, unfortunately, are seasonal allergy triggers. If all the pollen […]

Review – Indoor Air Quality Screen Check Kits

I’ve held off on this air quality review until today, in honor of Earth Day. While I beat the U.S. air policy drum frequently since high pollution levels will affect kids like mine (and yours) first, the state of the air inside the house can pose an even bigger lung challenge for asthmatics. The air […]

Friday Links – Statins & Asthma Again, Smokefree Workplaces

More on Cholesterol Drugs and Asthma If you read Monday’s post on statin use and reduced asthma hospitalizations, here’s more information on why treatment recommendations won’t change without further research. More 2009 AAAAI Annual Meeting News Researchers presented their statin findings at the American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology’s annual meeting this week. Here’s […]

Friday Links – Asthma Communities & Coaches, Breast Cancer

Introducing the Asthma Mom Facebook Page Join us! There are only 5 members (including me) since I set it up last night, so you have a chance to get in on the ground floor. I’m hoping Facebook makes it easier to manage your questions, comments, and input at the same time that it fosters a […]

Friday Link – AAFA’s 2009 Asthma Capitals

If you follow me on Twitter, you already know why I have just one link today: I’m moving. Most of you have already known I’m moving for awhile now, but only in the far-off, “someday” sense. If you’re new to Asthma Mom, here’s the short version: since last August, I’ve been one of many, many […]

Stair Climbs for Lung Research

Pittsburgh’s been in the news a lot lately as one of the study sites for the Reducing particle pollution = Extending lifespans research just published in the New England Journal of Medicine. In a Bloomberg article, I learned this particular city saw such a dramatic improvement in air quality because it shut down the steel […]

Good Air, Long Lives

The research out there on air quality generally tracks the health effects of bad air in order to grow the pile of evidence that supports stricter pollution monitoring and restrictions. Just this week, though, the New England Journal of Medicine published a study that puts a more positive spin on the data. This study shows […]

Friday Links: Post-Holiday Monday Edition

I love my children, but this morning I’m really loving their return to school. Freelance projects have piled up, my email inbox has been terribly neglected, and near non-blogging means I’ve got a backlog of research and news links. Enjoy today’s Monday edition and this blog’s return to a regular posting schedule. Hopefully, the beginning […]