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The Beijing Traffic Reduction Plan and $4 Gas, Plus Olympics Masks

The Olympics are just a few weeks away now, keeping the spotlight right on Beijing’s air pollution problems and the Chinese government’s efforts to clean them up. Among the questions: Will U.S. Athletes Wear Masks? Apparently, the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) developed and distributed some top-secret masks for competitors, but the decision is up to […]

Friday Links: Asthma and Humidity, Asthma and Fish, Gender Inequality in Health Insurance

Want to Understand How Humidity Levels Affect Asthma? One of the clearest and most comprehensive explanations I’ve read yet. With links, too, courtesy of the RT Cave, a respiratory therapist blog. Just What Oil Companies Need: More Dough, Less Accountability The Supreme Court cut ExxonMobil’s damages from the 1989 Valdez spill in Prince William Sound […]

Kids, Their Stuff, and Sustainability

When I was in eighth grade, I used to walk around with a big *Save the Rainforest* sticker plastered across my clarinet case. I belonged to a magnet school that encouraged creativity and critical thinking, and my newfound environmentalism was one result. But I had the typical fervent-yet-shallow belief of the new recruit. While I […]

Friday Links: Traffic and Childhood Asthma, Michelle Obama, and a Contest

Living Near Heavy Traffic Increases Kids’ Asthma by 50% This isn’t the first study linking auto emissions with asthma, but it’s the clearest connection I’ve seen yet. Munich researchers studied 6,000 four and six year-olds and after controlling for other risk factors, discovered the risk of asthma and allergies is 50% higher for kids living […]

The Summer, The Smog, The Breathing Problems

I just have to smile when I read headlines like Summer Weather Can Aggravate Asthma, Doctors Say, not because I find heat-triggered asthma particularly amusing but because summer means nothing but relief around these parts. We’ve headed into a Flovent-free three months during this, AG’s easiest season, and she doesn’t usually need her bronchodilator much […]

The Asthma Mom Glossary

When I first started learning about asthma during my daughter’s worst years, I spent as much time trying to figure out the terminology of lungs and lung disorders as I did reading. Here are my variations of the definitions that helped me. Allergen – substance causing an allergic reaction. An allergen is an antigen that, […]

Friday Links: Mother’s Day – Sierra Club Style, Inhaler Abuse

Ooh, edited to included some self-pimpage. Check me out. I’ve sort of cracked the American Lung Association. Environmental Defense Fund Says Stop Idling for World Asthma Day That’s “idle” as in your car, not your personal habits. Ozone’s bad for asthma so no news there, but in the face of everything we can’t change on […]

Friday Links: Protective Trees, Asthma Awareness Month

All right, I’m moving the links to Friday for good, since in the name of sanity, I’m sticking with Monday through Friday posting only. Okay, so let’s start with me. 1. My newest Celsias article: Disneynature: Will it Be Green? Sort of Green? Not so Much? After the spectacular success of the BBC’s Planet Earth […]