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Tuesdays are Your Turn – Kids’ Allergy Shots at Home

What’s proposed in today’s question would ease most of the inconvenience and probably some of the fear involved in weekly allergy shots for kids: Can allergy shots be given at home to kids? I have an adult friend who, after some training of course, administers her own allergy shots at home. I asked the staff […]

Friday Links – Allergy Shot Vaccine, Asthma Racial Gap, Ice Cream

Allergy Shots Without the Shot? I know a couple of you would love this. Research looks promising for a kind of immunotherapy vaccine, which would help prevent allergy triggers for asthmatics sans injections. Minority Kids Have Higher Asthma Rates, Even with Insurance We’ve known about the higher burden asthma places on black and Latin American […]

Tuesdays are Your Turn – Allergy Shots for Kids

Today’s question comes from Kelley, whose daughter is highly allergic to cats. And by “highly,” I mean she experiences major symptoms even on a full regimen of allergy meds. The doctor suggested immunotherapy, and since taking a kid for weekly or biweekly jabs is no joke, Kelley’s looking for some good information. In particular: What’s […]

Friday Links – Toothpaste, Perfume, Food Allergies

The Toothpaste that Might – Heavy on the ‘Might’ – Prevent Asthma Symptoms The People’s Pharmacy is a radio show and website that lots of newspapers syndicate. Recently, it featured this brief article about two radio-show callers who claim Crest Sensitivity toothpaste prevented some of their asthma symptoms. Now, the toothpaste does contain potassium nitrate […]

Tools for Spring Allergies

I took that photo from my backyard this morning. Because this is Denver, though, one of the most fickle regions in the U.S. weather system, tomorrow will heat up to 60 degrees. Spring allergies loom just around the corner for us, but maybe the blooming has already started where you live. In any case, have […]

Happy Flare-Free Holidays

You know as well as I do that there’s no way to guarantee a triggerless Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, or any other winter holiday. But! Like every other occasion, event, place, time, day, random weather pattern, and otherwise innocuous element of everyday life – when it comes to asthma, this season is full–full–of potential triggers […]

Kids, Preschool and Remission

Two online articles I’ve read recently highlight some of the larger questions surrounding childhood asthma, its causes, and its outcomes. The first one appears to debunk a popular theory that preschool, which exposes kids to lots of contagious illness at an early age, may help protect children from the over-active immune response involved with asthma […]

A is for April, Asthma, & Allergies

Last Friday morning, I woke up to this: This week? The sun shines brightly, the flowers are blooming, and the grass has turned green: This drastic change in weather is normal for the Denver area, or so I’m told. Also normal for this time of year, unfortunately, are seasonal allergy triggers. If all the pollen […]

Asthma and Cats and Denver, Oh My

Dear Internet, I hope I continue loving Colorado and the Rockies as much as I do now because I don’t want to make another long-distance move again anytime in the near future. This hasn’t been a particularly difficult move–just time-consuming, really–and it’s been far, FAR easier than the preceding 7 months of holding down the […]

The Intersection of Christmas Trees, Sustainability, and Asthma

December finds the real vs. live tree debate on all the eco-aware websites, and articles about Christmas trees and mold triggers on all the asthma ones. This year, I’m combining the two subjects and including information from my post last year. The basics: – Live trees bring mold indoors. – But artificial trees are made […]