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Hello, Fall. Hello, Allergies

I’m probably one of very few Americans feeling positive this morning, despite ever-worsening economic news. Despite an impending move to Colorado and the related, wearying attempt to sell or rent my house in a downturn. Despite the total lack of help the housing bill provides for me and all the other homeowners who bought fairly […]

The Asthma Mom Glossary

When I first started learning about asthma during my daughter’s worst years, I spent as much time trying to figure out the terminology of lungs and lung disorders as I did reading. Here are my variations of the definitions that helped me. Allergen – substance causing an allergic reaction. An allergen is an antigen that, […]

Stuffed Animals, Dust Mites, and the Process

I know I need to start washing DS’s stuffed animals, especially the ones he sleeps with. I searched your site for “stuffed animals” to see if you had already done up a post about how to do this, but I didn’t find it. Is there a link you’d recommend, or could I persuade you to […]

The Pollen, It Persists

( Dear God, will the pollen never stop? Spring brings me nothing but contradiction, as I simultaneously yearn for hay fever season to end for my allergic kid’s sake and wish to hold summer off for as long as possible. I love summer, I really do. No one gets very sick around here, and my […]

Allergies, Colds, and My Neuroses

Helping my kid navigate her way through asthma has felt like a microcosm of parenthood in general, and I’ve long suspected it’s the same for other parents of children with chronic but not (usually) life-threatening disorders. We’re constantly having to make those midline decisions between letting go and hanging on, choices most parents don’t have […]

On Holidays, Air Freshener, and Asthma

Speaking of artificial vs. live Christmas trees, those air freshener plug-ins and sprays that smell like Fraser firs, Scotch pines, or blue spruces are pretty popular this time of year for people with trees of the vinyl variety. Isn’t it ironic, though, that products designed to make the air smell clean and fresh actually dirty […]