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How Would You Like an LABA Substitute?

I came across an article on the Denver Post website this morning you should read. In it, you’ll learn about tiotropium, a COPD medication that could serve as an alternative treatment for people who need long-acting beta-agonists like Serevent. LABAs, you’ll recall, work just fine for most asthmatics but now carry a black-box warning because […]

Tuesdays are Your Turn – Cough Drops and Syrup

When I found out my now 11 year-old daughter has asthma, she was two. And right after dropping that bomb of a diagnosis, her doctor gave me the advice that’s probably familiar to most of you: – No cough suppressants – No vapor rub – No cough drops Because if your kid practically hacks up […]

Friday Links – Inhaler Wars, Harold Dow and Summer Asthma Deaths

Mold and Kids’ Asthma in New Orleans, 5 Years After Katrina High post-Katrina levels of asthma among New Orleans residents is the big story here, and it’s a devastating one. At the end of this particular interview, though, something else caught my eye. Dr. Floyd Malveaux, when talking about his intervention and treatment program of […]

Friday Links – September Epidemic, Tylenol Risk, Free National Parks

Ever Heard of the “September Epidemic”? Janeen talks about this phenomenon over on her food allergy blog, and it’s based on a National Jewish article. Go read the whole thing, but here’s the short version: doctors see a rush of kids in the ER around September when back-to-school means back to the petri dish of […]

Tuesdays are Your Turn – Kids’ Allergy Shots at Home

What’s proposed in today’s question would ease most of the inconvenience and probably some of the fear involved in weekly allergy shots for kids: Can allergy shots be given at home to kids? I have an adult friend who, after some training of course, administers her own allergy shots at home. I asked the staff […]

Friday Links – Dulera Approval, It May Not Be Asthma, Fireworks

FDA Approves Dulera, a New Combination Inhaler Like Advair and Symbicort, the Dulera inhaler contains both a corticosteroid and a long-action beta agonist. According to this article, you should be able to find it in the U.S. soon. New Anti-Inflammatory Possibly on the Horizon For patients who can’t get much relief or control from inhaled […]

Friday Links – Allergy Shot Vaccine, Asthma Racial Gap, Ice Cream

Allergy Shots Without the Shot? I know a couple of you would love this. Research looks promising for a kind of immunotherapy vaccine, which would help prevent allergy triggers for asthmatics sans injections. Minority Kids Have Higher Asthma Rates, Even with Insurance We’ve known about the higher burden asthma places on black and Latin American […]

Regarding Asthma and Parasites

What if the asthma epidemic in the Western world started because some people’s immune systems freak out in the absence of former health threats? That’s the reasoning behind the Hygiene Hypothesis, and it also explains why some people inflict parasitic infections on themselves in an attempt to reduce their allergy and asthma symptoms. Really. A […]

Tuesdays are Your Turn – Allergy Shots for Kids

Today’s question comes from Kelley, whose daughter is highly allergic to cats. And by “highly,” I mean she experiences major symptoms even on a full regimen of allergy meds. The doctor suggested immunotherapy, and since taking a kid for weekly or biweekly jabs is no joke, Kelley’s looking for some good information. In particular: What’s […]