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Friday Links – Kids’ Flu Shots, Asthma Meds + Obama’s EPA Chief Shortlist?

Flu Shots Protect Kids Even Better Than Thought New research of 2,500 kids found that even when the flu strains in the vaccine don’t match the flu viruses actually circulating that season, the shots cut doctor’s visits for flu symptoms in half. Huge Spike in Kids’ Meds, Including for Asthma The Pediatrics journal published the […]

When Kids Fight Meds

Back when you guys sent me great feedback (which you can still send, btw) for the yet-to-be-announced new feature, an Asthma Mom reader whose child has asthma, allergies, and reflux emailed me a really thorough, thoughtful reply that included this sentence: I want to know (PLEASE TELL ME) how to get so much medicine into […]

I Forgot My Kid’s Inhaler. Why That’s a Good Thing.

Occasionally, I wonder how often I should revisit a particular subject. How many different ways are there, really, to describe asthma maintenance plans and debate the merits of inhaled steroids? Not that many. And yet sometimes life will whack me on the back of the head and tell me I need those constant asthma reminders, […]

The Asthma Mom Glossary

When I first started learning about asthma during my daughter’s worst years, I spent as much time trying to figure out the terminology of lungs and lung disorders as I did reading. Here are my variations of the definitions that helped me. Allergen – substance causing an allergic reaction. An allergen is an antigen that, […]

Debunking the Childhood Asthma Myths

I’m overly fond of statistics when it comes to asthma, partly because my own experiences with my kid don’t mean much outside the larger context. But in all the data I post, the numbers that catch my attention most are the ones on patient/parent asthma knowledge and uncontrolled asthma in children. We all know education […]

Friday Links: Mother’s Day – Sierra Club Style, Inhaler Abuse

Ooh, edited to included some self-pimpage. Check me out. I’ve sort of cracked the American Lung Association. Environmental Defense Fund Says Stop Idling for World Asthma Day That’s “idle” as in your car, not your personal habits. Ozone’s bad for asthma so no news there, but in the face of everything we can’t change on […]

Saturday Links: Singulair and Suicide, Smoking

If you’re a Blog of Inferior Breathing regular, you know I never post on Sundays but this weekend, I won’t be around in the comments, either. I’m in New Orleans, one my favorite cities ever, and that’s why you see only two links today. I’ll be back Monday morning afternoon, tired and carrying a few […]

The Steroid Question

Now that I’ve written yet another disclaimer so you never, ever mistake my words for a doctor’s, nurse’s, or therapist’s, I’m finally tackling asthma treatment. This post will remain a static page you can access through the tab above. Let’s talk steroids. But first, let’s talk preventative medicine. Persistent asthma–that’s any case of asthma that […]

Don’t Forget This Inhaler Step (and a Video)

A recent email conversation with a friend and regular reader prompted me to comb through YouTube this morning for a video about inhalers and spacers. You see, my friend has a daughter with asthma also, and no one’s ever given her this crucial bit of information in the inhaler process: asthma patients should hold their […]

Sunday Links: Asthma Research Edition

A recent medical procedure in the family (not the girls’ and not serious) makes these a day late. Asthma and Allergy Drugs to Treat Causes, not Symptoms, on the Horizon And by horizon, I mean a few years from now. This new London research indicates that targeting a specific protein involved in the allergic response […]