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Learning to Advocate

I hope you all had a peaceful (impossible, right?) and healthy Christmas. Remember how we discussed stress both good and bad as an asthma trigger? And remember how the AG came through Thanksgiving and most of December with no major illness or flare, and while it looked like she’d set a new personal best of twohealthy holidays in […]

Asthma & Allergy Coupons Online

Right before Thanksgiving I posted some information about prescription help programs and inhaler coupons. Today I found a great link for even more coupons and rebates for allergy and asthma meds, including some that didn’t appear in the last post. Internet Drug Coupons has more allergy deals than asthma ones, including Clarinex, Flonase, Nasonex, and […]

FDA Failing in Resources, Science, Technology

If you want a good scare this morning, go read yesterday’s FDA Science Board report, FDA Science and Mission at Risk in this pdf. In it, the board outlines how the agency that oversees the safety of this entire country’s food and drug supply doesn’t have the money and therefore the kind of adequately trained […]

Did You Hear the One About Flu Shots?

You know, the one about the mom who wouldn’t take her son with asthma to get the vaccine because last year he happened to get really sick even though he’d had one? Yeah, she’s an idiot. I swear, I overheard this conversation in the grocery store over the weekend. It’s none of my business of […]

Sure Hope It’s Less Expensive Than These New Inhalers

The Aerovance company reports good test results from two clinical trials with a new asthma drug, although some doctors are apparently skeptical. Called a pitrakinra, the drug is a cytokine blocker. These kinds of drugs have been tried in the past, but the new one is different because it blocks two cytokines associated with asthma, […]

But Can You Turn it Into a Bong?

Another Asthma Mom and I were discussing inhalers and our children last night, and here’s what we want to know: Why do spacers require prescriptions in our state? As I understand it, not every state does, so I guess we’re just lucky. But we can’t figure out the reason behind the rule. Rule? Law? Statute? […]