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Reduce Indoor VOCs For Your Asthma Kids

Back before the final days of this election stole my brain, I wrote this post about Environmental Working Group’s recent roundtable on kids’ health and exposure to VOCs in the home. In it, I promised to write more about VOCs and asthma in particular. I’ve divided this post into sections starting with a quick definition […]

Kids, Chemicals, and Asthma

If you’ve been wondering about the links between environmental toxins and children’s asthma, today’s a great day to learn more. Through Enviroblog’s Twitter feed, I found A Conversation About Children and Chemicals with Environmental Working Group and Seventh Generation. You can watch the whole webcast through that link or view shorter, subject-specific segments. Halfway down […]

Ductwork Fun – Obsession or Advantage?

You ever see those ads for getting the ductwork cleaned in your house? The ones that promise to help reduce allergens, mold, and dust mites? I actually had the work done before moving into a house in South Florida over four years ago, a few months after my daughter turned five and her lung function […]

When Kids Fight Meds

Back when you guys sent me great feedback (which you can still send, btw) for the yet-to-be-announced new feature, an Asthma Mom reader whose child has asthma, allergies, and reflux emailed me a really thorough, thoughtful reply that included this sentence: I want to know (PLEASE TELL ME) how to get so much medicine into […]

Hello, Fall. Hello, Allergies

I’m probably one of very few Americans feeling positive this morning, despite ever-worsening economic news. Despite an impending move to Colorado and the related, wearying attempt to sell or rent my house in a downturn. Despite the total lack of help the housing bill provides for me and all the other homeowners who bought fairly […]

Friday Links: Hurricanes & Asthma, Ike, Protective Daycare, 9/11 Risk Factor, Sweat & EIA

The American Lung Association’s Hurricane Recovery Resources I am very, very grateful this hurricane season has been easy on my part of Florida, but if you’ve been affected by this year’s storms check out the sections on asbestos, biological pollutants, and other health risks associated with hurricane clean-up. Why That ALA Link is Important: Hurricane […]

Sending Asthma Kids Back to School

It’s 105 degrees with the heat index here and the midday air resembles soup more than anything else, but I’m still in a fine, fine mood this morning. School starts exactly two weeks from today, and I get to stop juggling writing and editing projects with the summer entertainment of two children. If you’re an […]