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Friday Links: Mother’s Day – Sierra Club Style, Inhaler Abuse

Ooh, edited to included some self-pimpage. Check me out. I’ve sort of cracked the American Lung Association. Environmental Defense Fund Says Stop Idling for World Asthma Day That’s “idle” as in your car, not your personal habits. Ozone’s bad for asthma so no news there, but in the face of everything we can’t change on […]

Saturday Links: Asthma Research, Diesel Pollution, Antibiotics, Singulair

Bronchial Thermoplasty Still Looks Good, Five Years On At the AAAAI annual meeting, researchers presented results showing none of their 5-year study participants required hospitalization while receiving bronchial thermoplasty treatments. Plus, researchers recorded only 5 ER visits during those years. Bronchial thermoplasty involves using radio waves to burn off smooth muscle fiber in the bronchioles, […]

So We’re Getting the Weaker Smog Restriction (Thanks, EPA!)

The Environmental Protection Agency passed up a strict, progressive new smog standard for a more modest limit yesterday. And if you want to know what happens when ozone pollution gets bad, check out Tuesday’s post on the horrifying smog in Beijing, site of this summer’s Olympics. Obviously, I don’t have the scientific credentials to claim […]

Stuffed Animals, Dust Mites, and the Process

I know I need to start washing DS’s stuffed animals, especially the ones he sleeps with. I searched your site for “stuffed animals” to see if you had already done up a post about how to do this, but I didn’t find it. Is there a link you’d recommend, or could I persuade you to […]

The Pollen, It Persists

( Dear God, will the pollen never stop? Spring brings me nothing but contradiction, as I simultaneously yearn for hay fever season to end for my allergic kid’s sake and wish to hold summer off for as long as possible. I love summer, I really do. No one gets very sick around here, and my […]

What’s an Asthma Trigger Journal, Anyway?

In my further attempt to adjust this blog’s chronology of information and because I’m guessing newbies to asthma would love to know why, exactly, I’ve compiled an enormous list of triggers on the tab above, today let’s talk trigger journals. You or your kid faces a new asthma diagnosis. You read a little bit about […]

Allergies, Colds, and My Neuroses

Helping my kid navigate her way through asthma has felt like a microcosm of parenthood in general, and I’ve long suspected it’s the same for other parents of children with chronic but not (usually) life-threatening disorders. We’re constantly having to make those midline decisions between letting go and hanging on, choices most parents don’t have […]

An Argument for Moderation

Let’s talk about blame a little bit. Last week I read this excellent post on the problem with blaming and/or judging parents for developmental disorders in children. Among the many insightful passages was this one: Most tragically, it is parents (like Sally’s) who have kids with significant developmental and behavioral challenges that are the most […]