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The Triggers

Newly diagnosed and don’t know what’s making you flare? Check this list of common triggers for some good starting points, and keep a journal of what you’re doing/eating/breathing each time you flare to figure out your own. The key to the trigger journal is recognizing the landscape rather than getting hung up on the details. […]

Talking About Children and Chronic Illness

I had another, different post set up for this morning, but I stopped working on it for 2 reasons: 1. The Medicated Child on PBS last night. 2. Today’s NY Times Article About Robyn O’Brien, food industry conspiracy theorist and mother of a food-allergic child. Neither of these links addresses asthma, but if you think […]

On Holidays, Air Freshener, and Asthma

Speaking of artificial vs. live Christmas trees, those air freshener plug-ins and sprays that smell like Fraser firs, Scotch pines, or blue spruces are pretty popular this time of year for people with trees of the vinyl variety. Isn’t it ironic, though, that products designed to make the air smell clean and fresh actually dirty […]

Making My Fireplace Asthma-Friendly

Oh, we’re not done with the fireplace/Christmas/Asthma Girl question just yet. If I’m going to recreate my internal debate about woodburning fireplaces here where you can read it, I guess I’d better also include information about lessening the particle pollution from your wood fire (and mine), should you find yourself in the same position. Here’s […]

On Fireplaces, Christmas, and Asthma

I’m just not sure what to do with this. This is the third fireplace I’ve owned but the only one I’ve ever lit a fire in, and I didn’t decide to start using it until last February. I’m still wrestling with this decision. I have angst. Because of Asthma Girl, of course. I know the […]

Oh, Kansas.

I’ve already explained why moving to Georgia isn’t in the cards for Asthma Family, but I might have to add Kansas to the list. Not that Kansas was ever really on the list. Do people even move to Kansas, ever? I’m sure there are many wonderful people and places in that fine state, but I […]

The Ever-Shifting Fine Line

Another weekend, another parenting dilemma. My kid, who I guess I’ll give the pseudonym Asthma Girl in keeping with the theme of this blog, spent last weekend recovering from a cold, and illness is her biggest trigger. She spent most of the week needing her inhaler every 4 hours to control the leftover cough (this […]