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More on Sunshine and Seasonal Flu

If you missed last week’s brief discussion about vitamin D’s possible affect on seasonal flu, these three links may not make sense to you. Vitamin D and Cold, Flu Prevention Scientific American examines some of the most recent research on the vitamin D/illness connection in this post from last February. While it doesn’t address tropical regions specifically, the […]

Swine Flu, Asthma and Australia

Some new information has come out on swine flu and asthma recently, and although it affects those in the southern hemisphere more than my part of the world right now, I’m signal-boosting for everyone because it contains some good information. Namely, the National Asthma Council Australia has issued a flu alert for all the asthma […]

Asthma Worldwide

With World Asthma Day tomorrow, I’ll be blogging about awareness all part of this week. Today, the theme is Asthma Worldwide and based on GINA’s Burden of Asthma report. You can access the entire pdf through the link here, but I’m throwing out my usual quick and easy summary. First, my favorite passage: The burden of asthma in many countries is […]

Friday List: 3 Reactions to the Denmark Dust Mite Review

If you have no idea what the dust mite review is, read this first. 1. AAFA Director of External Affairs Mike Tringale isn’t happy. According to MSN, Tringale thinks the write-up concentrates too much on dust mites without addressing other allergens, points out that dust mite reduction should be part of a larger asthma maintenance effort, and […]

My Thoughts on Singulair and Suicide

Since all the Singulair news came out right before I left town, I’m moving today’s regular Weird Health feature to tomorrow next week. Today, let’s talk Singulair. First, a disclaimer. Talking about medication, side effects, and pharmaceutical companies can be about as explosive as talking about politics. What I’m writing here is my own take on the Singulair/suicide […]

Saturday Links

Testing for Asthma with Lasers This one is straight out of a science fiction movie. Researchers at the University of Colorado of Boulder have figured out how to shoot a person’s breath with laser light to detect biomarkers for certain diseases, including asthma. As I understand it, if doctors can use the technology for diagnosis […]

Thinking About Asthma, Pollution, and the 2008 Primary

Fair warning: I have to get a wee bit political today. With the Iowa caucus over and New Hampshire’s primary tomorrow, we’re starting to get an indication of who might end up head-to-head for the Oval Office. Please note the information below is not an Asthma Mom endorsement for any specific candidate (not yet, anyway). […]