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Health Tips for the School Year

The First Day of School. My asthma kid’s starting sixth grade, her last year of elementary school, and her sister is a third grader this year. With school back in session and since Colorado sits poised on the verge of fall, this time of year my focus shifts conversations with the new teacher about my […]

Friday Links – Asthma and Pneumonia, Health Literacy, Images of Summer

Asthma Kids with the Flu More Likely to Develop Pneumonia Well, okay. You probably already know about the dangerous link between kids’ asthma and flu-related pneumonia, but apparently until this research, asthma was only a confirmed risk factor  in adults, not children. In fact, asthma may up the chance of pneumonia as much as 40%. […]

Friday Links – Iceland Volcano Ash, COPD Risk, School Traffic

(Photo: NASA Goddard Photo and Video) Iceland Volcano Still Spewing Ash Into the Air Beware the Eyjafjallajokull. Especially if you live in northern Europe in the path of the ash cloud heading east (satellite photo above) and have respiratory problems. Childhood Asthma May Up COPD Risk More than Smoking This New Zealand study is a […]

Asthma Mom’s Rules for Surviving and Containing a Stomach Bug

When my kids were little, I assumed if one of us started throwing up, it was inevitable that the rest of us would end up camping out in the bathroom ourselves within a couple of days. Until I decided to get smarter about stomach bugs and actively work to prevent their circulating through this family. […]

Tuesdays are Your Turn – Overprotection vs. Avoiding Contagion

The long, anxiety-ridden chain of events leading up to my daughter’s current-but-dwindling GI bug: 1. A boy my kid hangs out with at school had a birthday party scheduled for the day before Easter, right in the middle of Spring Break. 2. That’s why most of the kids he invited, mine included, couldn’t go. 3. […]

Tuesdays are Your Turn – Flare Entertainment

Today’s question comes from email: Any moms or dads with preschoolers have ideas to occupy my little one when she’s having a bad flare and I need to keep her from running around too much? (Besides movies and picture books?) Some Suggestions Craft supplies – crayons, stickers, glitter glue, etc. Puzzles White board with markers […]

Tuesdays are Your Turn – Kids, School, Sick Days

Last weekend: Crazy-hectic This week: Better, but the Sidekick’s been sick since Saturday and hasn’t returned to school yet. So guess what I’ve been doing lately? Monday’s announcement: On hold until tomorrow (see above) Today’s reader response: Straight from my inbox: My son started kindergarten this year. Now that attendance “counts,” I’m having anxiety about […]

Friday Links – Vitamin D Again, Anti-MMR Doctor Rebuke

Low Levels of Vitamin D = Lower Lung Function, Steroid Effectiveness National Jewish adds to the body of research linking vitamin D levels and asthma with this study, and it appears the connection is strong enough to warrant the possible use of supplements. (Previous posting on vitamin D and asthma research here and here.) Score […]

Tuesdays are Your Turn – H1N1 FluMist and Viral Shedding

One of this site’s regular readers left a comment yesterday with a perfect question for today’s Reader Response. You can read the whole thing on this post, but here’s a summary: Roe has an 25 year-old daughter with lifelong asthma who’s currently in the middle of a flare. She’s taking steroids for it, but so […]

Swine Flu and No Fever

Dear readers who’ve ended up here after Googling *H1N1 no fever,* – Yes, you can have swine flu without a fever. – Yes, it’s a little uncommon but not completely unheard of. In fact, this feverless flu quality is just one more feature that sets H1N1 apart from other outbreaks and even regular old seasonal […]