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Tuesdays Are Your Turn – Duration of the H1N1 Cough

Several variations of this question have popped up all over the comments. Since we’ve all got different answers, let’s leave ‘em here, in one place: After recovering from the swine flu, how long did you/your child keep coughing? My answers: For me, a non-asthmatic and without Tamiflu, it lasted around five days after recovery. AG, […]

Too Many Nasal Washes Cause Sinus Infections?

If you swear by nasal washes during flu season like I do, listen up: New research indicates that even as many people use neti pots and other saline delivery systems to help prevent and treat sinus infections, nasal irrigation over the long term may actually up the number of infections you get. The theory behind […]

Tuesdays are Your Turn – The Sick Box

The worst non-respiratory illness in the Asthma Mom family history went a little something like this: Mr. Asthma Mom came home early from an after-hours work thing one Friday evening because he felt unwell. Sometime in the middle of that night, *unwell* gave way to full-force gastrointestinal symptoms, and those lasted most of the next […]

Deadly 1918 Flu = Weaker H1N1 in 2009

I don’t normally post on weekends, but I’m squeezing this quickie in because I promised: Yesterday, Scientific American’s Twitter account mentioned an online article about the 1918 influenza and its weakening effect on modern pandemics. Today, here it is: Pandemic Payoff You should read the whole article if you want some reassurance about swine flu. […]

My Asthma Kid and Her H1N1

So. Yes, it’s the swine flu. Last Friday I took my daughter to the doctor who, once she heard how sick I’ve been and listened to AG’s hacking cough, administered a flu test. Now, this wasn’t the H1N1 test specifically. As far as I can tell, no one’s giving those anymore except to patients in […]

Swine Flu Update – Week Ending Sept. 25

On the Vaccine Front Kathleen Sebelius and the CDC expect between 6 and 7 million doses of the H1N1 vaccine during the first week of October. Looks like those will be the spray version, with injections to follow by the middle of the month. Protection is supposed to start kicking in within eight days. Regarding […]

Learn from Elmo, HHS Secretary Tells Sneezing Correspondent

Have a little swine flu humor to start your weekend: Here’s Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius calling out NBC’s Chuck Todd for sneezing incorrectly during an H1N1 briefing. (via Jezebel) Don’t understand the Elmo reference? Here’s the original Sesame Street PSA on sneezing into your elbow rather than your hand in order […]

Swine Flu and Asthma

A compilation of posts, from most to least recent: H1N1 News – November 20, 2009 Reader Response on the H1N1 Cough H1N1 News – November 13, 2009 H1N1 News – November 6, 2009 H1N1 News – October 30, 2009 Reader Response – H1N1, School, and Asthma Kids H1N1 News – October 23, 2009 H1N1 News […]

A Few Words About Panic and the Swine Flu

My recent posts on the swine flu have racked up higher traffic numbers than anything else I’ve posted lately, and as a result, I’ve been getting an awful lot of emails and comments questioning whether I’m panicked now even if I wasn’t before, whether I should be if I’m still not, and whether all the […]

My Household Routine for Swine Flu (Or any Flu)

I know I don’t need to update anyone here on the Blog of Inferior Breathing with swine flu developments (except I just did). Parenting a kid with respiratory problems has a way of ramping up your typical pandemic monitoring a notch or ten. Today I want to talk prevention and avoidance. In my original swine […]