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Asthma Mom’s Rules for Hiking at High Altitude

All the photos on this post come from the gorgeous Mohawk Lake Trail in Breckenridge, Colorado. Seven miles round-trip, the trail gains 1,700 in elevation and reaches 11,800 feet at the top. Want to learn how we completed the hike with an asthma kid? Read on: 1. Pretreat & Pack the Bronchodilator A couple of […]

Review – Prism Analytical Technologies Home Air Check

(Disclosure: Prism Analytical Technologies started advertising on Asthma Mom three months after this post. The kit was tested and reviewed in good faith.) This is the third indoor air quality kit I’ve tested. In the first one, I used a vacuum attachment to capture dust and debris from the floor of my test area, and […]

The Problem with Asthma, and Looking Sick

Do you remember my earlier posts about doctor-patient relationships? The ones generated by some CNN/Empowered Patient articles—in an otherwise valuable series—that glossed over or ignored the specific needs and special relationships of a chronic issue like asthma? The other day, Steve wrote something that made me think and helped me clarify why I think the doctor-patient relationship falters sometimes […]

Tips for the Cold Air Trigger

I know the weather’s gotten pretty bad in the rest of the country when my Florida children have to wear coats to school, although I do live about as far north as you can go and still be in the Sunshine State. Since we’ve just come out of an arctic front, and my area is […]