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Colbert Impersonates an Antivaxer and Interviews Paul Offit. Hilariously.

I can write about the importance of childhood vaccinations all week long, but I don’t know why I should when we’ve got Stephen Colbert to debunk the vaccine myths in his usual deadpan fashion: “I’m entirely motivated by fear.” “Can’t we put those people in a plastic bubble?” “You’re playing the children dying card. How […]

A Better Way to Talk About Online Health Information

I found an article last week that discusses medical information on the Internet without, for once, resorting to the tired old, “Health websites are BAD” theme. That particular subject isn’t just limiting; it simplifies the quality and integrity of many medical websites to the point of ridiculousness. This CNN article instead took the five top […]

Tuesdays are Your Turn – Kids’ Health Online

This one’s from me. I’m researching a project I can’t talk about yet, but please consider helping out this Asthma Mom by answering today’s question: Besides asthma and allergies, which children’s health topics do you read about on the Internet? Thanks in advance! All will be revealed. . . . eventually.

Crowdsourcing Health

A couple of websites harnessing the power of people’s health experiences online have popped up on my radar recently. First, the Louisiana Bucket Brigade, is tracking health complaints (like asthma flares) associated with the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico with a crisis map. As some of you know, I moved to Colorado […]

Friday Links – Peak Flow on Your Phone, Traffic, Medical Apps

Blog Metamorphosis Update Yeah, I totally just called the Asthma Mom redesign a metamorphosis just so I could use that butterfly illustration. (Thanks, Graphics Fairy.) We’re still working on the huge – HUGE! – update, and by “we” I mean Mr. Asthma Mom, for the most part. I’m pretty excited, and I can’t wait to […]

My Virtual Neighbors. Or, the Value of Online Media in Kids’ Health

Sometimes what I’m reading and what crops up in the Asthma Mom comments collide, and art imitates life or life imitates art, I don’t know which. I love that. Case in pont: Kelley’s question yesterday and the subsequent discussion of allergy med choices and Singulair side effects. In the early 2000′s, I had one healthy […]

The iPad in the Doctor’s Office

So this new type of portable computer/notepad/netbook went on sale over the weekend. It’s called the iPad – perhaps you’ve heard of it? Seriously, I don’t know how much you’ve read or maybe you even stood in line last weekend and already bought an iPad for yourself, but current debates over the device include these: […]

Gone Hiking

It’s Spring Break in the Asthma Mom household, did I mention? We’re heading to Eldorado Canyon for part of the day while some work gets done on the house. In the meantime, keep those entries for the Breathlessness project coming! The responses filling my inbox so far are absorbing and insightful and far more descriptive […]

When Kids and Cell Phones Make Sense – Medication Texting and Health Apps

In just five years, the number of kids with cell phones has shot up 68%, and 20% of six to 11 year-olds carry their own phones now, according to this research (pdf). Six year-olds! With cell phones! I’m no Luddite, but mobile phones in kindergarten? No. Approximately half of my 11 year-old daughter’s friends have […]

Breathing and the Small Screen

The other night, I caught the second episode of “Parenthood,” a new TV series loosely based on the hilarious and often bittersweet 1989 movie with Steve Martin. This new series, which marks the second attempt at translation for the small screen, retains the large, multigenerational family of the original movie. The episode I watched portrayed one set of parents […]