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Friday Links – Inhaler Identification, Vitamin D, More on Javonte Woods on Color-Coding Kids’ Inhalers When my daughter was little, I used to write out pages and pages of instructions for her babysitters. No, I don’t mean her Asthma Action Plan – I’m talking about my notes and explanations that accompanied her action plan (isn’t asthma fun?) This wonderful tip would’ve saved me at least […]

Another Day, Another Lung Garden

Hey, do you guys remember that one Russian guy who thought he had cancer and then found out he had a teeny fir tree growing inside his lung instead? It happened again. After two weeks of testing, an ambulance ride, and a collapsed lung, doctors found a pea plant growing inside this man in Massachusetts. Apparently the going theory […]

Patients’ Depth of Knowledge and Doctors’ Illusion of Control

Ever walked away crazy with frustration after yet another appointment with your doctor doesn’t resolve anything? There is something that you need to understand that, while it won’t undo your pain, make your fatigue go away, or lift your emotions, it will help you. Ever been pissed off at your kids’ pediatricians and pulmonologists because […]

Asthma Mom’s Rules for Moving to Higher Altitudes

After I moved to the Colorado Front Range, I spent our first year keeping a wary eye out for the thin air to trigger my kid. AG did get sick all the time during her first full winter, but I’m fairly certain that’s a reflection of her exposure to new germs in a new place. […]

Tuesdays are Your Turn – Kids’ Health Online

This one’s from me. I’m researching a project I can’t talk about yet, but please consider helping out this Asthma Mom by answering today’s question: Besides asthma and allergies, which children’s health topics do you read about on the Internet? Thanks in advance! All will be revealed. . . . eventually.

The Mad Science of Lab-Grown Lungs

Finding stories medically relevant to this site on science fiction blogs is always entertaining. In this instance, I’m talking about io9’s fascinating piece on the first lab-grown lungs that actually work. The creation process: Led by biomedical engineer Laura Niklason, a team at Yale constructed the tiny lungs for rats using a relatively new process […]

Crowdsourcing Health

A couple of websites harnessing the power of people’s health experiences online have popped up on my radar recently. First, the Louisiana Bucket Brigade, is tracking health complaints (like asthma flares) associated with the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico with a crisis map. As some of you know, I moved to Colorado […]

My Virtual Neighbors. Or, the Value of Online Media in Kids’ Health

Sometimes what I’m reading and what crops up in the Asthma Mom comments collide, and art imitates life or life imitates art, I don’t know which. I love that. Case in pont: Kelley’s question yesterday and the subsequent discussion of allergy med choices and Singulair side effects. In the early 2000′s, I had one healthy […]

The iPad in the Doctor’s Office

So this new type of portable computer/notepad/netbook went on sale over the weekend. It’s called the iPad – perhaps you’ve heard of it? Seriously, I don’t know how much you’ve read or maybe you even stood in line last weekend and already bought an iPad for yourself, but current debates over the device include these: […]

Gone Hiking

It’s Spring Break in the Asthma Mom household, did I mention? We’re heading to Eldorado Canyon for part of the day while some work gets done on the house. In the meantime, keep those entries for the Breathlessness project coming! The responses filling my inbox so far are absorbing and insightful and far more descriptive […]