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When Kids and Cell Phones Make Sense – Medication Texting and Health Apps

In just five years, the number of kids with cell phones has shot up 68%, and 20% of six to 11 year-olds carry their own phones now, according to this research (pdf). Six year-olds! With cell phones! I’m no Luddite, but mobile phones in kindergarten? No. Approximately half of my 11 year-old daughter’s friends have […]

Facts and Trivia from the History of Influenza

Because this Asthma Mom finds herself drawn to any headline with the word flu in it lately and also because I had to sacrifice this site’s popular Weird Health feature to a massively time-consuming and so far neverending job search, here’s a little trivia on the very un-trivial influenza virus: 1. Historical writings about flu-like […]

Announcements: Me & ABC News, Steve & the Boston Marathon

Guess what? After I posted about freaking out and then not freaking out over the swine flu yesterday, ABC News contacted me about answering some questions for an article. Go check out Lauren Cox’s piece, Swine Flu: Top 5 Reasons Not to Panic and read what your favorite Asthma Mom had to say. Let me […]

Weird Health Wednesdays – Anti-Smoking Ads in Japan (Again)

Oh, man. I just love Japanese anti-smoking signs with their mild reprimands and intricate diagrams. Remember these? I found even more. Check ‘em out. The first one is poetry, even: If you can’t read this one well it says, “My smoke is enveloping that man over there.” To wrap up, a little more poetry: “Inhaled. […]

Weird Health Wednesdays – Twins & Babies

British Couple Has Second Set of Black and White Twins By “second,” I don’t mean the second set in the UK. I mean the second set for this couple. Here’s how it works: the mom, Alison Spooner, is white, while the dad, Dean Durrant, is black. The twins are fraternal, meaning they come from two […]

Weird Health Wednesdays – Premarital Kissing, Spiritual Car Wreck, Plus a Video

For This Couple, No Premarital. . . Kissing I’m no fan of abstinence-only sex education, but this Chicago couple is pretty remarkable for sticking to their strict premarital principles and teaching by example. They’re abstinence teachers who just got married and kissed on the lips for the very first time at the altar. Clearly, I […]

Weird Health Wednesdays: Coke Spermicide, Lightning Strike, Baby Food Costumes

Ig Noble Awards: Coke as Birth Control? The Annals of Improbable Research give Ig Nobel (get it?) awards to research that’s weird but practical. This year, working on the basis of an urban legend, Boston U. ob/gyn professor Deborah Anderson discovered that yes, Coke acts a spermicide but Diet Coke works best. (I’m guessing the […]

Weird Health Wednesdays: Asthma Games

All the breathing disorder fun you ever wanted: Bronkie the BronchiasaurusPros: The concept here is more creative and entertaining than you might think, as Bronkie’s quest involves finding the lost pieces of a giant wind machine to clean the city’s air. The screen even darkens if your character “breathes” in irritants like smoke, and you […]

Weird Health Wednesdays – Survivalist Scenarios, Cameras as Weight-Loss Tools, Big Macs

(Weird Health Wednesdays is a former weekly feature on Asthma Mom.) What Happens to Your Body After a Lightning Strike, During Fatal Dehydration, or Inside a Vacuum This is both terribly morbid and fascinating. Discover’s Karen Rowan writes about your body’s reactions–and the processes that will eventually lead to death–to extreme situations. Want to Lose […]