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I’d like to know which local school board official, when planning my county’s 2010-11 calendar, said “Oh, you know what would be really awesome? To give the kids their normal two weeks off but THEN, when all these families have spent far too much holiday time together already, let’s tack on two teacher planning days […]

Joyful Christmas

My corner of Colorado looks nothing like this picture right now. It seems to be snowing everywhere but the Denver area, in fact, and our 10-day forecast looks like we’ll be sticking with mild, dry, and sunny. Here’s hoping you and yours have a wonderful holiday weekend, no matter what the weather’s doing in your […]


The Sidekick, who is not only my Christmas baby but also – as she calls herself – my buddy, turned 9 years-old yesterday. We’ve been celebrating her day, helping AG catch up on sleep from Outdoor Lab, and getting ready for the holidays at the very last minute. Posting here will stay sporadic until the […]

Under My Christmas Tree

Look what’s underneath – or rather, right next to – my tree: If you can’t identify everything in this picture, here’s a list of the ever-growing pile: 2 pairs of snow gloves 1 fleece hat 1 fleece scarf 1 pair of insulated hiking boots 1 pair of non-insulated hiking shoes 1 sleeping bag 1 snow […]


Happy Thanksgiving, American readers! And to the non-U.S. crowd, happy fourth week of November! I’ll be lurking around the comments this week, but I’m taking a break from posting again until Monday. In the meantime, check out what asthma gifts (yes, there are some) I’m grateful for over on my newest AOL Health story. Or […]

Tuesdays are Your Turn – Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

Talking about Thanksgiving recipes on Friday was sort of fun because I love to cook. And taking a break from our typical lung talk always makes for a good time, too. So in the interest of knowledge and crowdsourcing and using the powers of the Internet for good (or something like that), let’s talk food: […]

Friday Links – Turkey Cake and Other Thanksgiving Fun

I didn’t come across any health or lung news this week that looked interesting, so here: have a random assortment of links for the upcoming American Thanksgiving holiday instead. Probably the Grossest Thanksgiving Recipe Ever It’s a turkey cake, but maybe not the kind you’re picturing. Want a Good Cranberry Sauce? Make this one. The […]

(Probably) the Last of the Fall Photos

Last Halloween looked like this. This year, lots of trees along the Front Range still have their autumn leaves. And while we haven’t seen any snow yet, it’s surely coming. Oh, it’s coming. The immediate forecast looks pretty mild and dry, but with the highest peaks already white and the ski resorts starting to open, […]

The Young Asthmatic’s Halloween

I wrote a piece all about Halloween triggers and how to prevent and treat them over at AOL Health. Check out the article if you get a chance, and let me know what you think. RelatedDIY Face Paint

Wonderfully Unusual Jack-O-Lanterns

This right here, this is why the Internet was invented. Because people get creative and ridiculous and insane in the best way possible when it comes to carving pumpkins at Halloween. Behold the Pumpkin Cyclops: (By Plutor) The Witch Melt: And a Sick Pumpkin: (Both by istolethetv) Finally, this one takes the concept of carving […]