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Pumpkins and the Best Thanksgiving Letter Ever

Gardening is not really my thing. I want it to be – I like to cook and love the idea of growing my own food, and visions of working the soil in the sun and bringing in the harvest under a fall sky appeal to me. And I’ve tried. Really, I have. Window planters of […]

It’s All About the Yes – A Contest

****CONTEST HAS ENDED**** While I won’t be blogging at all next week, enjoy this Christmas present from me to you. Actually, this is sort of from me (I’m contributing the blog space) but mostly from the nice folks over at Yes to Carrots, the purveyors of paraben free, organic veggie-filled hair and skin products like those lip […]

I Make My Own Halloween Face Paint. No, Really.

I wouldn’t say having a kid with asthma has a whole lot of advantages. Plus, I’m less a silver lining kind of woman than I am a glass-is-half-nothing-because-it-is-bone-dry one. Every so often, though, I do step out of my cloud of pessimism and Why My Kid? mode to feel a bit of gratitude for lessons […]