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Tuesdays are Your Turn – Time and Kids’ Control

From the ‘ole inbox: I’m in the middle of trying to help my daughter right now. She’s 4 and just got diagnosed after seeming to be sick all the time. Right now we’re trying to get used to the fact of her diagnosis and learn everything we can about it at the same time. It’s […]

Tuesdays are Your Turn – Missing Your Kid

This morning, Mr. Asthma Mom said two things about our firstborn – or lack thereof – that made me laugh. The first: This house sure is quiet without her walking around and singing everywhere. It really, really is. AG sings all the time. All the time, to the point where her voice, belting out everything […]

Conversations with My Asthma Tween

Let me tell you a little bit about the stage I’ve reached with my kid. First off, a little recent background: My mother came to Colorado for Thanksgiving, meaning I hosted for everyone this year. During that same holiday week, AG had one of the leading roles in her school musical. (There may be video. […]

Friday Links – North American Asthma Care, Childhood Rates, Emotional Impacts

U.S. Asthma Care: Still Lacking 71% of these study participants had poorly controlled asthma, but 64% of them thought it was well controlled. Clearly, there’s a disconnect here somewhere. Canadian Kids Have Lowest Asthma Rates in 10+ Years Good job, my neighbors to the north. But on the other hand: Kids in Canada Feel Emotional […]


Just so you all know. I was working on a freelance article recently, and I had to read through the descriptions of asthma severity to refresh my memory. I read, I wrote, and then I realized: AG doesn’t fit the classification for moderate persistent anymore, and she hasn’t for awhile. My kid. This kid right […]

Tuesdays are Your Turn – Starting Sports

People in my face-to-face life don’t always know I own this site. It’s not a secret, exactly, but while I’m comfortable plastering my kid’s early medical history all over the Internet in a quasi-anonymous fashion, at the same time I want to respect her privacy and so don’t volunteer any information about the existence of […]

Asthma Mom’s Rules for Bedroom Dust

I’ve been living the dust mite prevention life for so long, sometimes I forget that families new to asthma don’t necessarily know about the more subtle ways to battle this allergen. You probably already know about the mattress and pillow covers. And then there’s the stuffed animal process. And the thing about avoiding carpet in […]

Tuesdays are Your Turn – Bronchodilators and Coughs

This is a long one from my email, but please take the time to read the whole thing. It raises lots of questions that many other parents of young asthma kids have (I had them.): If my asthmatic child is coughing (she’s too young for a peak flow meter btw) and I am using her […]

Tuesdays are Your Turn – Allergy Testing

From my email: My daughter has had asthma for 3 years and this had been quite an learning experience. I am curious if other families have had their kid allergy tested and if they found that beneficial? The great chase for the trigger!!! – Jen I took my 11 year-old asthma kid in for a […]

Tuesdays are Your Turn – Baby and Toddler Suspicions

I write a lot about parents’ instincts and those gut feelings we all have when it comes to just plain old raising children and also the more complicated subtleties of kids’ medical treatment. Now be honest: Did you know or suspect your child had a health problem before the asthma diagnosis? I didn’t. One of […]