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Tuesdays are Your Turn – The Family Get-Together

Today’s question, from my email, is just in time for these pre-holiday months: How do you handle family gatherings (i.e. holidays and birthday parties) when someone in your extended family is sick? My family totally does not understand asthma, or asthmatic triggers. It seems like often during family gatherings, one of my nieces have a […]

Friday Links – Inhaler Wars, Harold Dow and Summer Asthma Deaths

Mold and Kids’ Asthma in New Orleans, 5 Years After Katrina High post-Katrina levels of asthma among New Orleans residents is the big story here, and it’s a devastating one. At the end of this particular interview, though, something else caught my eye. Dr. Floyd Malveaux, when talking about his intervention and treatment program of […]

Tuesdays are Your Turn – Medical Advocacy in Schools

Speaking of asthma and school, as I’ve been doing here ad nauseum lately, Samantha has a question about groups that might help asthma parents resolve school issues. Samantha tells me her friend, another asthma mom, has been struggling with her child’s school over the timing and frequency of medication and nebulizer treatments and could use […]

Health Tips for the School Year

The First Day of School. My asthma kid’s starting sixth grade, her last year of elementary school, and her sister is a third grader this year. With school back in session and since Colorado sits poised on the verge of fall, this time of year my focus shifts conversations with the new teacher about my […]

Tuesdays are Your Turn – Talking to a Child About Fatal Asthma

Last Friday Libby left a link to the following story in the comments: Ickey Woods, who used to play for the Cincinnati Bengals, lost his 16 year-old son, Javonte, to asthma over the weekend. After varsity football practice on Wednesday morning, Javonte suffered what sounds like a severe attack that night and ended up on […]

Friday Links – The Not-a-Conference, Chickenpox, Voting

HomeHer10 is the Most Fun I’ve Had All Week If you follow me on Twitter and you’ve been wondering why I keep hashtagging the most mundane of tweets with #HomeHer10, this is why. Also, here are some “conference” highlights. Chickenpox Might – MIGHT – Reduce Risk of Asthma, Skin Allergy One study suggests this link, […]

Tuesdays are Your Turn – Kids’ Allergy Shots at Home

What’s proposed in today’s question would ease most of the inconvenience and probably some of the fear involved in weekly allergy shots for kids: Can allergy shots be given at home to kids? I have an adult friend who, after some training of course, administers her own allergy shots at home. I asked the staff […]

Friday Links – Asthma and Pneumonia, Health Literacy, Images of Summer

Asthma Kids with the Flu More Likely to Develop Pneumonia Well, okay. You probably already know about the dangerous link between kids’ asthma and flu-related pneumonia, but apparently until this research, asthma was only a confirmed risk factor  in adults, not children. In fact, asthma may up the chance of pneumonia as much as 40%. […]