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Tuesdays are Your Turn – Vacation Flares

When you have an asthma kid and you tell people you’re heading out on a short summer trip and then at the last minute, halfway to your destination, you have to turn around, head back down the mountain and cancel your reservations, you’ll probably get questions like this: “Is it because of AG? Is she […]

Does this Mean My Baby or Toddler Has Asthma?

Depends what “this” is. An asthma diagnosis doesn’t come easy during the very early ages, partly because flare symptoms can mimic other issues and partly because little kids just can’t tell you what’s going on inside their bodies. You can end up spending a lot of time and money carting your infant to appointment after […]

Tuesdays are Your Turn – First Flare and Diagnosis Age

Remember all the excitement about the year 2000? No, I don’t mean the Y2K bug and the conspiracy theorists, although those are both fun to remember. I’m talking about how New Year’s Eve loomed large in 1999 and how it felt to be alive, waiting for the next millennium to roll in. That New Year’s […]

Friday Links – Robots, Art Therapy & Asthma, Stress, Chalk Art

Robot Surgeon Assistants and Smart Pills Scientific American covers startling new medical technology that could save money and transform patient care. It’s like science fiction made real. Work Stress = Asthma? Yet another reason to revamp the abysmal vacation policies in American corporate culture. Jarvis Williams, Former NFL Player and Florida Gator, Dies of Asthma […]

Friday Links – WAD 2010, Thermoplasty, Living Statues

(Photo by Flickr user dogfrog) BREAKING NEWS: Teaching Families About Asthma Helps Them Care for Asthma Kids I kid, I kid. This link describes just the sort of education program I would’ve loved when my daughter was diagnosed. You know all that information asthma parents usually have to search for on the Internet or figure […]

Letter to All the Mamas

Dear Moms, Let’s talk guilt. Guilt when we get tired of worrying about our kids’ health all the time and guilt when we feel so tired of just being tired. Guilt because deep down, even though we know – we know – we can’t blame ourselves for our kids’ breathing problems, we can’t help wondering […]

Asthma Mom’s Rules for Nebulizers and Little Kids

(Excuse the photo quality. This was pre-digital days.) My daughter started using a nebulizer right after she turned 2, when the doctor diagnosed her asthma. As a 25 year-old mom with no breathing problems myself, I had no idea what I was doing back then. None. The nurse at the pediatrician’s office showed me how […]

Friday Links – Iceland Volcano Ash, COPD Risk, School Traffic

(Photo: NASA Goddard Photo and Video) Iceland Volcano Still Spewing Ash Into the Air Beware the Eyjafjallajokull. Especially if you live in northern Europe in the path of the ash cloud heading east (satellite photo above) and have respiratory problems. Childhood Asthma May Up COPD Risk More than Smoking This New Zealand study is a […]

Tuesdays are Your Turn – Overprotection vs. Avoiding Contagion

The long, anxiety-ridden chain of events leading up to my daughter’s current-but-dwindling GI bug: 1. A boy my kid hangs out with at school had a birthday party scheduled for the day before Easter, right in the middle of Spring Break. 2. That’s why most of the kids he invited, mine included, couldn’t go. 3. […]

Friday Links – 2010 Asthma Cities, Electronic Nose, Dogs as Risk Factor

The AAFA’s 2010 Asthma Capitals Congratulations, Richmond! The AAFA deems you the most challenging U.S. city for asthmatics to live in this year. You are, however, in good southern company with Tennessee carrying three of the top-10 slots and Georgia claiming two. (My area = 68.) Electronic Nose Asthma Test And now here’s a sensor-filled, […]