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Kids, Preschool and Remission

Two online articles I’ve read recently highlight some of the larger questions surrounding childhood asthma, its causes, and its outcomes. The first one appears to debunk a popular theory that preschool, which exposes kids to lots of contagious illness at an early age, may help protect children from the over-active immune response involved with asthma […]

Asthma Tips for Thanksgiving

I’m running so far behind today, I’ve got to rely on some holiday-coping links instead of actual content. However, they’re links to my own stuff, so I guess this sort of counts as a real post: Traveling with asthma during the holidays, or any other time.Holiday air freshener vs. asthma, plus some alternative solutions.The elusive […]

When Kids Fight Meds

Back when you guys sent me great feedback (which you can still send, btw) for the yet-to-be-announced new feature, an Asthma Mom reader whose child has asthma, allergies, and reflux emailed me a really thorough, thoughtful reply that included this sentence: I want to know (PLEASE TELL ME) how to get so much medicine into […]

Sending Asthma Kids Back to School

It’s 105 degrees with the heat index here and the midday air resembles soup more than anything else, but I’m still in a fine, fine mood this morning. School starts exactly two weeks from today, and I get to stop juggling writing and editing projects with the summer entertainment of two children. If you’re an […]

Your Asthmatic Toddler May Be Flaring, Not Cranky – The Early Warning Symptoms

I’ve written a couple of times before that I wouldn’t turn this blog into a comprehensive asthma source. For one, the Internet isn’t hurting for good asthma pages–like here, here, and here. And also? Asthma Mom morphed into a blog also about air quality and pollution, children’s health, and of course a weekly collection of […]

Stuffed Animals, Dust Mites, and the Process

I know I need to start washing DS’s stuffed animals, especially the ones he sleeps with. I searched your site for “stuffed animals” to see if you had already done up a post about how to do this, but I didn’t find it. Is there a link you’d recommend, or could I persuade you to […]

Allergies, Colds, and My Neuroses

Helping my kid navigate her way through asthma has felt like a microcosm of parenthood in general, and I’ve long suspected it’s the same for other parents of children with chronic but not (usually) life-threatening disorders. We’re constantly having to make those midline decisions between letting go and hanging on, choices most parents don’t have […]

Talking About Children and Chronic Illness

I had another, different post set up for this morning, but I stopped working on it for 2 reasons: 1. The Medicated Child on PBS last night. 2. Today’s NY Times Article About Robyn O’Brien, food industry conspiracy theorist and mother of a food-allergic child. Neither of these links addresses asthma, but if you think […]

The Ever-Shifting Fine Line

Another weekend, another parenting dilemma. My kid, who I guess I’ll give the pseudonym Asthma Girl in keeping with the theme of this blog, spent last weekend recovering from a cold, and illness is her biggest trigger. She spent most of the week needing her inhaler every 4 hours to control the leftover cough (this […]