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Friday Links – Asthma Boxing “Excuse,” Flu Vaccines

Boxer Vitali Klitschko Says Some Controversial Things About Asthma I don’t know anything about boxing except what the Rocky movies taught me, but I’m pretty sure you should file this under “Trash Talk.” (Wildly inaccurate, stereotype-perpetuating trash talk.) The Problems with Privately Funded Research Ever wonder how accurate medical research is, particularly when a pharmaceutical […]

How Would You Like an LABA Substitute?

I came across an article on the Denver Post website this morning you should read. In it, you’ll learn about tiotropium, a COPD medication that could serve as an alternative treatment for people who need long-acting beta-agonists like Serevent. LABAs, you’ll recall, work just fine for most asthmatics but now carry a black-box warning because […]