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Superfoods – Beyond Blueberries

The University of Chicago came up with 10 new highly nutritious foods to enrich your diet with for better health and to give you a little variety from the usual superfood lists if you follow such things. (I do, to some extent.) According to Mary Russell, director of nutrition services at the university’s hospital, you […]

Recliner Sleeping, or the Two-Pillow Trick

Certain stories and habits and language quirks develop and meld into the everyday narrative of family life. No matter how frequently it happens, I’m always surprised when one mundane detail in a long list of similar items that form the daily habits of my family appears remarkable or noteworthy to someone else. My sister and […]

I Got Your Holiday Trigger Info Right Here

I’ve been getting a lot of hits lately through people conducting Google searches for holiday asthma triggers. If you’re one of them and new to Asthma Mom, welcome to the Blog of Inferior Breathing. Starring Asthma Girl (age 9), her Steadfast Sidekick (age 7 on Saturday), and me. Let’s talk Christmas and asthma. Wondering if […]

Why Bother With an Inhaler if You’ve Got Cough Drops?

Here’s an enlightening conversation I had with my daughter last night: AG: Mom, my teacher said to send in more cough drops.Me: Okay.Me: Wait. . . . what?AG: I’m running out of cough drops at school. I need more.Me: But I sent those in, like, three weeks ago when you had a cold. Are you […]

Throw Another Manufactured, Asthma-Friendlier Log on the Fire

It’s cold (even here), the holidays are closing in, and new readers have been landing at Asthma Mom through Google searches like, Are fireplaces bad for asthma? Indoor air quality + fireplaces Are fireplaces eco-friendly? Natural gas vs. wood burning fireplaces You get the idea. If you landed here through a search for wood burning […]

Reduce Indoor VOCs For Your Asthma Kids

Back before the final days of this election stole my brain, I wrote this post about Environmental Working Group’s recent roundtable on kids’ health and exposure to VOCs in the home. In it, I promised to write more about VOCs and asthma in particular. I’ve divided this post into sections starting with a quick definition […]

Easy DIY Halloween Face Paint

It’s actually starting to feel like October, even here. The weather channel says this morning’s cool and windy air will warm back up to the mid-70′s in time for Halloween, but today feels like trick-or-treating weather. Last year, I posted these instructions for making your own costume face paint, something I started doing at the […]

Ductwork Fun – Obsession or Advantage?

You ever see those ads for getting the ductwork cleaned in your house? The ones that promise to help reduce allergens, mold, and dust mites? I actually had the work done before moving into a house in South Florida over four years ago, a few months after my daughter turned five and her lung function […]

When Kids Fight Meds

Back when you guys sent me great feedback (which you can still send, btw) for the yet-to-be-announced new feature, an Asthma Mom reader whose child has asthma, allergies, and reflux emailed me a really thorough, thoughtful reply that included this sentence: I want to know (PLEASE TELL ME) how to get so much medicine into […]

Hello, Fall. Hello, Allergies

I’m probably one of very few Americans feeling positive this morning, despite ever-worsening economic news. Despite an impending move to Colorado and the related, wearying attempt to sell or rent my house in a downturn. Despite the total lack of help the housing bill provides for me and all the other homeowners who bought fairly […]