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Review – DIY Body Sugar Scrub from Eco-Me

I’m the kind of person who bookmarks all kinds of articles about using what’s in my kitchen cabinets or refrigerator to wash or condition my hair naturally. In theory, it’s a good idea. DIY mixtures are almost always cheaper than organic, paraben-free body products on the shelf, and they certainly save the waste of buying […]

What Doctors Really Think, or More on Doctor-Patient Communications

It’s pretty clear what most of us what in our medical care: Reasonable wait times. Open and respectful doctor-patient communications. Doctors who listen. High-quality treatment. What do doctors say about us, though, especially when they can remain anonymous? Reader’s Digest talked to 24 doctors and therapists about “medical secrets,” and some even used their real names. You’re going to […]

Kids, Their Stuff, and Sustainability

When I was in eighth grade, I used to walk around with a big *Save the Rainforest* sticker plastered across my clarinet case. I belonged to a magnet school that encouraged creativity and critical thinking, and my newfound environmentalism was one result. But I had the typical fervent-yet-shallow belief of the new recruit. While I […]

Summer Brings Swimming, Chlorine May Bring Asthma

Florida is a weird state, and it’s mostly misunderstood by non-residents. Tourists think we’re all Universal Studios and Disney World. Beach vacationers remember condos and palm trees only, and snowbird retirees stick to their central and south-central coastal communities. Up here in northwest Florida, though, is like a completely different state. We’re more Deep South […]

The Friday List: Natural Easter Eggs

(Photo: Geri-Jean Blanchard) While driving the other day, I heard this is the earliest Easter in 95 years. Yeah, that sounds about right. Since it just doesn’t feel like Easter this early, I’m seriously considering a picnic and kites at the beach instead of the usual ham-centered brunch. Of course, the girls can’t wait for […]

Stuffed Animals, Dust Mites, and the Process

I know I need to start washing DS’s stuffed animals, especially the ones he sleeps with. I searched your site for “stuffed animals” to see if you had already done up a post about how to do this, but I didn’t find it. Is there a link you’d recommend, or could I persuade you to […]

Don’t Forget This Inhaler Step (and a Video)

A recent email conversation with a friend and regular reader prompted me to comb through YouTube this morning for a video about inhalers and spacers. You see, my friend has a daughter with asthma also, and no one’s ever given her this crucial bit of information in the inhaler process: asthma patients should hold their […]

What’s an Asthma Trigger Journal, Anyway?

In my further attempt to adjust this blog’s chronology of information and because I’m guessing newbies to asthma would love to know why, exactly, I’ve compiled an enormous list of triggers on the tab above, today let’s talk trigger journals. You or your kid faces a new asthma diagnosis. You read a little bit about […]

Internet Medical Research Done Right

(stock photo) Sometimes readers email me with questions about where to find good, solid asthma information, and today I have two responses: 1. Check out the left sidebar for asthma, allergy, and other health organizations. 2. Go read the latest article in CNN’s Empowered Patient series, “Tips for savvy medical Web surfing.” It lists some […]

Valentine’s Chocolate for. . . Coughing?

Normally, I wouldn’t post about a 4 year-old piece of asthma-related research, but this one’s entirely too entertaining to pass up. Plus it involves chocolate, so I may as well post it in honor of Valentine’s Day. This is pretty much the only way I’ll celebrate Valentine’s Day besides my annual *Buying of the Good […]