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Friday Links: Health Blogs Edition

I really don’t sit around reading about asthma and children’s health all day long, and one of these days you’ll see that for yourself when I share some of my non-medical favorites. Just not today. In no particular order, some valuable non-asthma health blogs: Dr. Gwenn Is In The personal side of pediatric medicine distilled […]

On Holidays, Air Freshener, and Asthma

Speaking of artificial vs. live Christmas trees, those air freshener plug-ins and sprays that smell like Fraser firs, Scotch pines, or blue spruces are pretty popular this time of year for people with trees of the vinyl variety. Isn’t it ironic, though, that products designed to make the air smell clean and fresh actually dirty […]

Making My Fireplace Asthma-Friendly

Oh, we’re not done with the fireplace/Christmas/Asthma Girl question just yet. If I’m going to recreate my internal debate about woodburning fireplaces here where you can read it, I guess I’d better also include information about lessening the particle pollution from your wood fire (and mine), should you find yourself in the same position. Here’s […]