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Tuesdays are Your Turn – The Holiday Flare Season

The most sacred day of western childhood, December 25, is coming up fast, isn’t it? Every year, my daughter somehow manages to stay healthy on Christmas, and I can really only remember one year of her flaring while opening presents. With the other major fall/winter holidays, though, not so much. AG spent one Halloween in […]

Tuesdays are Your Turn – Share Your Triggers

Ever checked out this list of asthma triggers? Some of them make my own kid flare, some are common triggers, and others are not so well-known. I threw the page together over a year ago with a little help from readers and their experiences, but now let’s see if we can add to it. The […]

Tuesdays Are Your Turn – Weird Thanksgiving Requests

Remember Type-A Marney and her neurotic Thanksgiving assignment letter? I found an even better one the other day on Margaret and Helen. This one’s not crazy like Marnie’s – instead, it pretty much nails all the annoying family stuff a holiday dinner can bring. Here’s an excerpt: Cloe. I am begging you honey. None of […]

Tuesdays Are Your Turn – Duration of the H1N1 Cough

Several variations of this question have popped up all over the comments. Since we’ve all got different answers, let’s leave ‘em here, in one place: After recovering from the swine flu, how long did you/your child keep coughing? My answers: For me, a non-asthmatic and without Tamiflu, it lasted around five days after recovery. AG, […]

Tuesdays Are Your Turn – Coughing, Coughing, Dear God the COUGHING

It’s impossible, I think, to overstate the impact that asthma cough fests can have on your (read: my) emotional state. Friends and family that never see the worst of a child’s respiratory problems, that can’t join in at 2:00 in the morning for breathing treatments during the rough times, that never hear the hacking that […]

Tuesdays are Your Turn – The Sick Box

The worst non-respiratory illness in the Asthma Mom family history went a little something like this: Mr. Asthma Mom came home early from an after-hours work thing one Friday evening because he felt unwell. Sometime in the middle of that night, *unwell* gave way to full-force gastrointestinal symptoms, and those lasted most of the next […]