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Friday Links – Asthma: It’s Not Just for Kids, Plus a Helicopter Rescue Story

Here’s an Inspiring Story About a 13 Year-old With Severe Persistent Asthma New Jersey student Samaad Bethea spent a month on a ventilator three years ago during a life-threatening asthma attack and an anaphylactic allergy reaction. Now he plays football and basketball. Forget All That Mom’s Diet = Baby’s Asthma Stuff. Maybe. Women should still […]

Eldorado Canyon and the Continental Divide (I Did It!)

Notes From an Asthma Kid Hi! I am so sorry that I haven’t written or commented in awhile! I’ve been REALLY busy. Speaking of being busy, I did something super fun over Spring Break. My family and I went to Eldorado Canyon in Boulder, CO. (My mom wrote about it.) It’s a really pretty place full of […]

Mondays, and Boston Marathon Day

Oh, Mondays. I used to love Mondays. Crazy, right? It’s not, really. Not if you work from home, and sometimes your projects require weekend time. Because when Monday dawns and everyone in your house goes back to work or school, you finally – FINALLY – get 6 silent hours in a row to research and […]

Friday Links – Iceland Volcano Ash, COPD Risk, School Traffic

(Photo: NASA Goddard Photo and Video) Iceland Volcano Still Spewing Ash Into the Air Beware the Eyjafjallajokull. Especially if you live in northern Europe in the path of the ash cloud heading east (satellite photo above) and have respiratory problems. Childhood Asthma May Up COPD Risk More than Smoking This New Zealand study is a […]

High-Altitude Hiking with an Asthma Kid

The sandstone cliffs of Eldorado Canyon in Boulder rise up steeply from either side of South Boulder Creek: See what I mean? This is a popular spot for serious rock climbers, and it’s beautiful, although the overcast sky here makes the reddish rock walls look less striking than they actually are. Somehow, I managed not […]

Your Child Is Allowed to Carry and Self-Administer an Inhaler at School

Asthma perceptions may need tweaking for years to come. Schools like this British one don’t always get it right, and lack of awareness can contribute to ignoring or underestimating the danger of a child’s severe flare. However. As of February 2010, South Dakota became the 50th and final state to pass laws allowing students to […]

Friday Links – School Neglect, Stress Risk Factors, Bone Marrow

British Court Rules Student Asthma Death a Result of Neglect When 11 year-old Sam Linton suffered an asthma flare at his school in December 2007, he apparently struggled for hours while no one called an ambulance. Later, he died in the hospital. This grievous personal tragedy for the Linton family and the horrifying failure of […]

Swimming for Asthma, Indoor Chlorine – A Balancing Act

(Photo: Flickr user Marcelo Terraza) My daughters were born and raised in coastal Florida, right up until we drove halfway across the country to move to Colorado in February 2009. They’re both excellent swimmers even though they’ve never taken a lesson. Instead, they grew up in the Gulf of Mexico and in our backyard pool, […]

Olympians, U.S. Presidents, and More – Celebrities with Asthma

(Porta Nuova station during the 2006 Torino Games) SPORTS Susan Auch (b. 1966) – Olympic speed skater David Beckham (b. 1975) – Professional soccer player Jerome Bettis (b. 1972) – NFL halfback Bruce Davidson (b. 1949) – Olympic equestrian Tom Dolan (b. 1976) – Olympic swimmer Kurt Grote (b. 1973) – Olympic swimmer Nancy Hogshead […]

Friday Links – Breathing at the Vancouver Olympics

A Question: What Do Red Alder Trees Have to do With Olympics Results? Your answer: They start blooming in Vancouver and Whistler soon, and the Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology thinks the pollen could trigger athletes’ allergies and/or asthma, affecting performance. And Speaking of the Winter Olympics and Asthma The Well blog examines […]