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Tuesdays are Your Turn – Kids, School, Sick Days

Last weekend: Crazy-hectic This week: Better, but the Sidekick’s been sick since Saturday and hasn’t returned to school yet. So guess what I’ve been doing lately? Monday’s announcement: On hold until tomorrow (see above) Today’s reader response: Straight from my inbox: My son started kindergarten this year. Now that attendance “counts,” I’m having anxiety about […]

H1N1 Flu & Other News, Post-Holiday Catch-Up

Current numbers indicate the second swine flu wave, here in the northern hemisphere, is peaking or has peaked. No one knows if a third wave looms. Tamiflu Resistance Not a Problem, WHO Says Two recently reported Tamiflu resistance clusters occurred on cancer wards among patients with severely immune-compromised patients, and the World Health Organization says […]

H1N1 Vaccine and Schoolchildren, Pregnant Women

Normally around this time of year, I post a reminder about back-to-school steps for asthma kids. Here lately, though, I’ve been focused on good ole H1N1, so why not read last year’s school post for tips? Today, I’m tackling projections for this year’s cold and flu season, the swine flu vaccine, and school closures: What are the […]

Another View on Indoor Pools

The following is a guest post by Simon Owens, blogger for PBS’s MediaShift and owner/author of Bloggasm, which explores the intersection of new and old media. Publishing this article DOES NOT imply endorsement of the views expressed within by the Asthma Mom blog. I’m simply presenting another side to the chlorine/asthma question and have included […]

Why Bother With an Inhaler if You’ve Got Cough Drops?

Here’s an enlightening conversation I had with my daughter last night: AG: Mom, my teacher said to send in more cough drops.Me: Okay.Me: Wait. . . . what?AG: I’m running out of cough drops at school. I need more.Me: But I sent those in, like, three weeks ago when you had a cold. Are you […]

Friday Links: Hurricanes & Asthma, Ike, Protective Daycare, 9/11 Risk Factor, Sweat & EIA

The American Lung Association’s Hurricane Recovery Resources I am very, very grateful this hurricane season has been easy on my part of Florida, but if you’ve been affected by this year’s storms check out the sections on asbestos, biological pollutants, and other health risks associated with hurricane clean-up. Why That ALA Link is Important: Hurricane […]