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Former Olympic Athletes with Asthma

To finish off the 2008 Olympians with Asthma series, here’s a list of athletes with asthma from former Games. Jackie Joyner-Kersee is probably the most familiar name, for her athletics, her asthma advocacy, and her community-building work. Check out her performance in the 1988 Olympics in Seoul: Bruce Davidson (b. 1949) – equestrianTom Dolan (b. […]

Sending Asthma Kids Back to School

It’s 105 degrees with the heat index here and the midday air resembles soup more than anything else, but I’m still in a fine, fine mood this morning. School starts exactly two weeks from today, and I get to stop juggling writing and editing projects with the summer entertainment of two children. If you’re an […]

Behold, the Asthma Vest

(Photo: Gary Meek, Georgia Tech) This is the kind of innovative thinking that will probably help solve the asthma puzzle. Do you remember that movie Toys with Robin Williams and Joan Cusack? The one about the general who takes over the surreal toy factory? The plot was kind of all over the place, but parts […]

Children and Chronic Illness: Your Response

The usual Friday Links will appear later this afternoon or maybe we’ll do another Saturday Edition tomorrow. Why? Because Wednesday’s post about raising a child with a chronic illness generated a whole slew of thoughtful, perceptive comments, and I’m still chewing over some of the more penetrating issues. Your input makes me think, and I […]