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Skipping out on your regularly scheduled Tuesday question to wish my beautiful, talented, brilliant Asthma Girl a very Happy 12th Birthday. She’s come a long way. Thanks for sharing our story!

Tuesdays are Your Turn – Snow Day (Cold Day?) Entertainment

In Florida, we used to have hurricane days instead of snow days. The hurricane ones are a lot harder. On snow days, you can curl up under in an electric blanket with some hot chocolate and watch the fat flakes drift down through your windows. Power lines and such don’t ice up here the way […]

Into the Rockies

So this happened today: I’m feeling all right tonight, but I make no promises for the rest of week, especially considering the minor breakdown I had Saturday morning. It wasn’t pretty. There were tears. Comments are closed on this because, really: what’s there to say? “AG will be fine.” “She’ll be back before you know […]

Another Milestone, of the Technological Sort

Do you remember this post about kids, cell phones, and medical texting? And the post about AG, her increasing independence, the intensely social nature of Colorado families, and a calendar that seems packed strangely full for a sixth grader? No? Well, okay. I never wrote that second post. In it, I would have described how, […]

Hatch Chiles, Giant Dahlias, and Early Fall in Colorado

Fall’s been creeping into Colorado lately, and the days here are doing that back-and-forth thing between hot, dusty late summer temps and worlds-better cool and breezy ones. The nights, though, have probably chilled down for good until next summer. We’ll be heading up to the mountains as soon as the aspens turn gold, but in […]

No More Winter Outdoor Lab Stories. Please.

I’ve decided I will not be discussing AG’s Outdoor Lab trip in December (DECEMBER) with any other local parents until I absolutely have to. In fact, Mr. Asthma Mom may end up attending the first informational parent meeting by himself this Thursday night so I can continue avoiding the conversations that include alarming statements like […]

Just Another Blue-Sky Colorado Summer Day

In our corner of the world, school starts three weeks from today. The girls plan to spend them swimming, hiking, sleeping in, hanging out with friends, and patronizing this, one of their favorite places in the Denver suburbs. Behold Civic Green Park: Some call it a “splashpad.” Some people call it a “sprayground.” I call […]

School’s Out, Summer’s In!

Notes from an Asthma Kid You know what’s great about summer? The freedom! Here is my summer update. Well, I’ve found LOTS of time for the pool. The pool that I usually go to has an awesome slide. It also sometimes has a net up for water volleyball. I play volleyball on a team, so […]

Field Day

My kid dominated the 50-yard dash. Look at the muscles popping out on her shoulder and upper arm. Kid is freakishly strong; must be all that volleyball she plays: And the sock toss: She is not, however, much of a distance runner. The mile almost did her in. Well, her and most of the other […]

Veruca Salt and a Plan to Rest

This asthma kid of mine, what a schedule she’s been keeping lately. Last week, 2-hour dress rehearsals for her school play, Willy Wonka, Jr., with a midweek volleyball practice thrown in the mix, too. Thursday, she sang in the chorus for the understudies’ night performance, and Friday night she was Veruca Salt: And I mean, […]